Transportation means to reach and travel in Brazil

Brazil being so big and diverse gives you various reasons to plan your visit. But if the question here is, how to reach Brazil? We feel your need to know about the way of transportation taking you to the country. Let us inform you that travelling to Brazil is not a dream anymore for non-south Americans, because this dream can be achieved by the strong development of transportation in Brazil. Due to past and on-going development the country is easily accessible from every continent.

To educate our guests and make the travel easy for them, we have created a big list of means of transportation in Brazil. Let’s take a look:

1.By Air: Most convenient and time saving mode of transportation now-a-days is airplane, weather you are travelling inter country or within the country. Travelling inter states in Brazil through plane is sometimes cheaper than long distance buses. Not only this, Brazil has the highest number of airports in world after USA, so the air network is very vast and it is still developing for more. You can get tickets at very affordable prices or even you can book air passes provided by various Brazilian carriers, these air passes are valid for 30 days, so you can book your flight anytime between the mentioned period. Air pass purchasing is good idea if you want to visit Brazilian cities apart this, extra flight is offered in discounted price.

The major aviation companies of Brazil providing these air passes are GOL and TAM, GOL is the cheaper one on the other hand, TAM gives various discounted offers to passengers. Other major airline companies in Brazil are Azul, Trip, ocean air and Varig.

Air Travel Tips:

  • Tickets are exclusive of taxes, you have to pay the taxes while check in, taxes may vary according to the size of the airport.
  • Always pre-confirm your flight before few hours.
  • If you are opting to buy air passes then you have to book you flight tickets at the same time, otherwise penalty may apply.

2.By Long Distance buses: Travelling via buses sometimes is little expensive in Brazil, but it can be very convenient, comfortable mode of transportation. There are many bus terminals located in every kilometer of country, and the larger one also offers facilities like shower, ATM, locker etc. which make this easily accessible for passengers. Domestic buses are always punctual and leave from the place without any delay. If you are traveling in south Brazil then we suggest you to opt buses, because south Brazil has best bus services. Some bus agencies also offer discounted price but majorly the prices of different bus services are more or less same.

Bus Travel tip:

  • Do not choose bus if you are travelling in Amazonia and other northern state, if you don’t want to stuck in unwanted situation.
  • Bus tickets are non-refundable, so before booking think wisely.
  • Seats are numbered so you can opt for window or isle seat.

3.By car: Travelling your own way is always easy and fun, traveling in Brazil through car is a great way to explore the country and its diversity. Again, if you are travelling to southern Brazil travelling via car is another good option because roads here are great. If you want to rent a car you have to show your valid driving license, passport and credit card. And if you want to drive a rented motorcycle then you must Brazilian driving license because foreign license is not applicable in moto case.

Car Travel Tip:

  • Roads condition is not good when you start moving in northern Brazil, Amazon, Pantanal and Sertao roads are undeveloped hence only accessible by 4*4
  • You can only rent a car in Brazil if you age is more than 25 years.
  • Braziliancars run on petrol and ethanol
  • Try to avoid renting a car in big cities if you wan to stay away from hassle of driving in traffic.

4.By Train: Brazil railway system is very poor and undeveloped, after military regime there are only few track lefts, hence the chances of traveling in the country via train is very less. You can opt for scenic trip via train if you are travelling somewhere in-between Curitiba – Morretes or Belo Hrizonte – Vitoria.

Train Travel Tip:

  • Railway network here is undeveloped
  • Travelling via trains is time taking

5. By Boats: Travelling via Boats is most common in Brazil mainly in rainy season. The only mode of transportation is boat in rainy season if you want to travel Amazon basins and rest north and north eastern coast. Most vast boat network in Brazil is in between Manus to Belem or from Manus upstream in the direction of Peru. Boats are great mode to witness the scenic view of Brazilian villages and tropical regions. Other than this you can also opt for cruises if you are travelling between Santos and Salvador.

 Boat Travel Tip:

  • Boat journey is always time taking

Other than the above-mentioned mode of transportation Brazil is well equipped with other modes like modern metro network available in metro cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Apart, form this moto taxi and rented remote taxi is pretty cool in Brazil which can be booked from reservation window or by booking directly using application.

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