South America Pass FAQ – South America Air Pass Frequently Asked Questions


South American Airpass FAQ


The fares on the South America Airpass are calculated by the mileages flown from all segments, taking into consideration a minimum of 2 (two) countries and a maximum of 5 (five) countries – not to exceed a total of 8 (eight) coupons.


Infant: Pays 10% of adult fare

Child: No discounts apply – same fare as adult.

Minimum / Maximum Stay

Minimum: 5 days; counting from departure of the first sector

Maximum: 30 days; counting from departure of the first sector

Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance for the sectors covered by the South America Airpass will be the same as permitted on the international route.

In the event of excess baggage, 1% of the full economy fare for the sector involved will be charged.


Routings must include at least 2 countries in the area of application.

Routings are limited to no more than 8 flight coupons and to a maximum of 5 flight coupons per country.

The same sector may not be flown more than once in the same direction, except for a connection.

The same city may not be used as an origin and/or destination more than once, except for a connection.

Each segments flown is equal to one coupon


A maximum of 4 stopovers in Brazil and 2 in other countries will be permitted in addition to the point of origin and the point of destination.

A stopover occurs when a passenger does not depart an intermediate point within 24 hours.


The whole itinerary must be confirmed before departure.


Valid for sales and ticketing only outside South America. *Except Venezuela

Only one Airpass may be purchased in conjunction with each international ticket (including AD/ID and award tickets)

The Airpass ticket must be a separate ticket and must include a cross reference of the international ticket sold in conjunction with the Airpass.

Tickets are non endorsable.

PTA’s are not permitted.

Fare constructions and combinations are not permitted.

Tickets are Electronic. You will not receive anything by mail.


Rebooking permitted any time: US$100.00 per transaction, respecting the validity of the airpass.

Rerouting: not permitted

Cancellation / Refund

Before departure: refundable. Penalty: US$100.00

After departure or partially used: non refundable.

Frequent Flyer Program points

Legs flown using the airpass will accumulate points under the Frequent flyer Program for each airline.

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