When you fly to Brazil on Azul Airlines, United Airlines or TAP, you can travel to unlimited destinations inside Brazil  for 10 days for $399 + booking fee, or for 21 days for $499 + fees. 

If you fly to Brazil on any other carrier, the Azul Airpass is limited to 4 flights anywhere in Brazil for 21 days for only U$499 + taxes / fees.

The number of days starts to count on the date you arrive in Brazil 

 Brazil Airpass  was created for those residing outside of Brazil, who visit Brazil and wish to travel within the country  on any flight operated by Azul Airlines for a number of days, for a very low price.

To purchase the AZUL BRAZIL AIRPASS, the passenger must

  • Purchase an international round trip ticket beginning outside of Brazil, with destination to any city in Brazil. If you fly to Brazil on Azul, United or TAP, the price is lower.
  • Book the AZUL BRAZIL AIRPASS, which is issued in conjunction with the international ticket number.
  • Reserve your Azul Airpass itinerary, BEFORE you travel to Brazil

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