Top 10 Brazil Museums

Museums has probably the finest collection of its kind in the country and as said if you want to know something about the country, you must visit its historical places and museums. A museum is place where one can know the past, culture, history, diversity of the country, and if you are heading to a country like Brazil which is very diverse in its own, visiting its museum is must, because here museums are the one stop places where you can gather the folklore related to the country.  We have created a list of top 10 museums situated in Brazil, just check it out.

  1. Museum of contemporary art (MAC):This UFO shape building is located in Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro. The contemporary art museum is the landmark place of the city due its one of a kind architecture. The museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and it was completed in 1996, Bruno Contarini was the structural engineer of the building. The building is 16 m high and its capola has a diameter of 50 m with three floors. The museum is situated in Boa Viagem beach. From the top of the building visitor can witness the view of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf Mountain.
  2. Ceramics workshop Francisco Brennand: This is a poetry workshop which is both workshop and museum, the museum is located in former tile factory of Recife, Brazil. This museum is grave of a Brazilian sculptor, Brennand, who was born in a rich family of Brazil, his love for art and poetry was immense sue to which he built this compound. This museum is surrounded by hundreds of his statue, paintings, ceramics and lush green gardens. His museum is depiction of love for art. The museum comprised of art galleries holding Brennand work.
  3. Museum of Sacred art (Salvador):Also known as Museu de Arte Sacra in Pourtugese, the museum is located in former convent od Santa Teresa in Salvador. It is founded in mid-17th century this museum showcases the rare images of Luso-Brazilian art made in gold and silver and a set of painting from 18th century.
  4. Museum of Sacred art (Sao Paulo): Another museum of sacred art of Brazil is located in Luz neighborhood of Sao Paulo state which lies in left side of Luz monastery which is religious institution founded in 1774. This museum showcases the sacred art of Brazil and the monastery is the only building of 18th century hence, it is listed as the monument of national importance in the year 1943.
  5. Museum Oscar Niemeyer (MON):

    Also known as NOVO museum or “The Eye” it was opened in the year 2002, located in Curitiba city of Parana state of Brazil. It is one of the Niemeyer signature constructions. The museum is divided into two major parts one is a rectangular building and the other is eye shaped building which is 20 m high. This is a Brazilian art museum which has 9 exhibition halls which covers a total area of 16,650 sq.m., the museum showcases the arts, architecture and design some of which includes bold geometric forms, sculptures, pedestrians, painted concrete, colorful and vivid murals, modern art and international art styles.

  6. Art museum of Belem: Also called blue palace, former a palace now a museum is located in Belem, Para, Brazil. The museum displays the arts of 20th century including paintings, furniture and statues of the era.
  7. Contemporary arts center Inhotim, Brumadinho:This museum complex features a series of pavilions and galleries with art work displayed without roof in open air. The museum cover 97-hectare area. The main aim of the museum is to get visitors into contact to the artwork produced by different artists from across the globe. Inhotim is the only museum in Brazil which continuously display contemporary art.
  8. Museum of modern art, Rio de Janeiro: The museum was founded in 1940’s it is located in north east flamengo park, in Rio city, it lies in west of Santos Dumont airport on Guanabara Bay. The museum is built in three stories building, it displays contemporary art of Brazil beside this it also showcases the art and photography work of 19th century. Adjacent to this building there is a library and cinema with a capacity to 167 visitors at a time.
  9. Pinacoteca do Estado: This is the oldest art museum located in an old 1900 building of downtown Sao Paulo designed by Ramos de Azevedo and Domiziano Rossi, and plays a significant role in the history of Brazil. The museum was founded in 1905 Dec 24 and established as a state museum since 1911. Estado is one of the most culturally rich museums of Brazil which display around 8000 pieces of art work made by Brazilian artist of 19th and 20th century.
  10. Nationalmuseum of fine art, Rio de Janeiro: Also known as The Museu Nacional de Belas Artes is a national art museum located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The museum was officiallybuilt in year 1937 but it was inaugurated in 1983 by president of Brazil Getulio Vargas. Previously the museum showcased the Portuguese royal collection brought by King john VI to Brazil, but now the museum is rich in 19th century art work including paintings, sculptures, drawing and prints, not only this the museum display around 20,000 pieces of art work from different artist.
  11. Art museum of Sao Paulo: It is considered as a most important museum in southern hemisphere situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It showcases a collection of around 8000 art pieces which mostly includes the western arts of 4th century to present age. The museum showcases the art work most renowned artist namely Raphael, Bellini, Titian, Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Modigliani.

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