Things You Should Know About the City of Santarem Brazil

The city of Santarem is a municipality of Brazil situated in the western part of the state of Para of the country. The city is situated near the bank of Located at the Tapajos and Amazon Rivers, which makes it a popular tourist destination. The three cities of Santarem, Belterra and Mojui dos Campos form the municipality of Santarem. The name Tapajos form after Tapajos indian tribe, who use to reside in the area, when it was form.

Santarem is situated between Belem, Para, and Manaus in Amazonas. Santarem is surrounded by two rivers: the Amazon, which is filled with muddy water, and Tapajos, filled with clear green water. The meeting of both the water form a breathtaking view.

The great vegetation of santarem make it a great ecotourist destination, offering 300 km of wonderful freshwater beaches with white sands, as well as tours of the Amazon Rainforest and lakes, islands, waterfalls and rain forest waterways.

Santarem came into limelight in the year 2009 when Balneario Alter do Chao bagged the appreciation as the best beaches in Brazil by a big newpaper house. The white sand beaches and blue-green water offer a pristine view.

Things to do in Santarem:

While the visit to the river bank you can enjoy various fun activities. You can take bath in the river, hike in the forest or even take a boat ride in the forest during the wet season. The region is full of vegetation and water bodies, so if you are looking for more fun you can head to waterfalls, rivers and rock formations. You can end up your day by doing rappelling, canyoning and sport fishing or you can take deep dive In Alter do Chao. If you are visiting the place in September, then dont forget to be the spectator in the largest local folklore festival, the Festival of Saire. The event is the best time to see regional legends with catholic and indigenous religious rituals.

Santarem is one of the oldest cities in the North region hence it has old monuments and historical buildings. You can visit the Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, the oldest of the city, and the Museu de Arte Sacra which js situated nearby to the church, Joao Fona, which has ceramic casts of the tribe from Para.

Climate of Santarem:

Santarem is situated near the bank of Amazon river, and this make it obvious that the place is having tropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature here is between 25º and 28 °C, with humidity upto 86%. In the rainy season the place see heavy rainfall, during November to July the average monthly rainfall varies from 70–400 mm. The dry season spans from August through October, in this season the lowest rainfall is recorded which averages a lower 60 mm.

How to reach:

  • By Air:Santarem has airport Santarem Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport, which receives both national and international flights. The airport is near 15 km from downtown, so you can take a drop at the airport and reach your desired place.
  • By Road: The highway remain closed during the rainy season most of the time. BR-230 connects BR-163 to the state capital.

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