City of caninde do san francisco

Caninde do Sao Francisco is a municipality located in the semi-aris region of Brazil called Vale do Sai Francisco. The city is situated on the bank of Bathed Siro Francisco river which is also known as Velho Chico and the city itself is named after the river. Caninde do Sao Francisco is a landscape city originated by the canyons near the river banks.

If you want to see the canyons by the river, take a speed boat canion do xingo. This is a great chance to see the breathtaking view of 65 km long canyon chain. The high cliffs on the side of rivers is the one of a kind view.

Along this you can take the tour to Gruta do Talhado, where you can dive into the water of Velho Chico. The place is perfect to observe the rare species of animals, like reptiles and birds that belongs to semi-arid region.

Meanwhile on your tour you can see carvings on the rocks of the canyons. The rock preserve more than 9000 years of the inhabitants that once upon a time lived there. Before the construction of the Xingo Dam, more than 30 thousand pieces were excavated, such as skeletons, pottery and campfire remains, which are later placed at Xingo Archeology Museum, which you can visit after the boat tour.

Gruta do Angico is 25 km away from Caninde, the place where the couple Lampiao and Maria Bonita died.

This trip would guaranteed give you surprisingly different experience.

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