The City of Garopaba

Brazil is a country Spread out over a large landmass. The country is packed in very diverse landscapes and experiences, it has everything from the rain forests of the Amazon to the wetlands of Pantanal and the lively beaches of Rio. But for the time being many places are coming into limelight gradually other than the big metropolitan cities. One of them is the city of Garopaba.

Garopaba is a small municipality situated in the state of Santa Catarina in the south region of Brazil. Before the place get noticed it was a small fishing village of Brazil, later on tourists who come to visit Brazil discovered the place in 1970.

Since then it is an ideal place for camping the south region of the country. Blessed by the natural beauty all over the place. It is a good eco tourism and adventure sports site. So can enjoy sports such as: surfing, windsurfing, hang gliding, paragliding, trekking and enduro. For those who appreciate lively parties and lively people, there is some fancy meeting points and seaside cafes.

Attraction Points in Garopaba:

The city is all decked up with beaches some of them includes:

  • Gamboa Beach: It is a open sea beach. where fishing community leaves.
  • Siriu Beach:Located in the South of Praia da Gamboa, north of the city. By the sea, near the city of Garopaba, there are sand dunes, spread in 5 km area which are good for sandboarding activity.
  • Garopaba Beach: It is located on the edge of the city of Garopaba, in a cove, here the water is very calm. It is situated in 2 km long area, It ianthe most urbanized beach of the city. At the south edge of this beach, lies the old city of Garopaba, which is a fishing village. You can rent a beach house near this beach if you want to spend some quality time.
  • Sloth Beach: it’s a small beach, located in the Bairro da Vigia, near to Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. Ideal place for hike on trails and watch the sea.
  • Silveira Beach: It is Located south of the city of Garopaba. You can enter the place only via an unpaved road. The place is surrounded by natural vegetation, has mountains, but please beaware as the place is not suitable for bathing, as the high tide occurs in the sea here you may face high waves, but if you are professional, you can enjoy surfing.
  • Rust Beach: It’s surf capital of the region, Greenish waters, white sands, is what makes the place amazing and stand out. You can hop numerous bars at the seaside. It is situated 5km from the city of Garopaba in Capao District. Ferrugem has a channel that separates it from Barra Beach. It was this channel that gave name to the beach because on certain days, when its bottom is full of sand, the waters are more yellowish, suggesting the color of rust.
  • Barra Beach: Separated by Ferrugem by a small hill by the sea, this place is much visited by tourists.
  • Ombudsman Beach: Situated 12 km from the south of the town of Garopaba, with white sands, dunes and cliffs. There are 800 meters of beach, dunes which is surrounded by greenery, and coconut trees and virgin forest.

Climate of Garopaba:

Climate of the place is moderate and humid, without a dry season. Summer is hot, with average annual temperature of 18ºC, but in the peak season temperatures reaches to 40ºC. Winter is mild, with average temperatures of 10ºC.

How to Reach Garopaba:

  • By Car:Those who are coming from the north brazil can take the BR-101 highway which leads to the south, after that drive 272 km road turn left, and access to Aracatuba and enter the SC 434, continuing for 14 km to the entrance to the city.Coming from the south, take the same road, turning right at km 272, continuing the SC 434.
  • By Plane:The nearest international airport which receive flights from the major national and internation cities is situated in florianopolis, from the airport take bus or rent a car to reach the destination.

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