The City Of Balneario Camboriu

The city of Balneario Camboriu is as unique as its name, located in the southern Brazil, it is a resort city spread in 80 and with the population of approx 1.3 laks. Balneario Camboriu is situated within the state of Santa Catarina. The city, with its steep hills dropping down to the sea, is popular amongest South Americans. The main ocean boulevard is called Avenida Atlantica. Balneario Camboriu is famous for the cable car which links the city’s central beach and the beach of Laranjeiras.

But what make it different from the others is its electronic music, due to which it is well known as the capital of E music, according to a famous magazine it has the best clubs of Brazil. The localities also call it “Brazilian Dubai”, due to its high number of skyscrapers tourism.

About the city:

According to some stories Balneario Camboriu is Nobody knows as River filled with Robalo, which is a very common type of fish in this region.The city also has a statue similar to the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) in Rio de Janeiro, called Cristo Luz, but the one in Balneario Camboriu has small differences: it is smaller than Redeemer and it portrays Jesus with a broad-brimmed hat. The statue of Cristo Luz is lit at night, also having colorful lights in its body that changes periodically. Another common activity which you can do in the city is paragliding over the beach, alongside the tall buildings, from the gliderport in nearby Praia dos Amores, located 1 km to the north of the city.

Climate of the City:

The climate of the city remains mild and humid due to beaches. In summer, tempreature reach 40 °C, and its average is 25 °C. In winter, the average temperature is around 15 °C, in day and sometime in the early morning it can attain 0 °C and 4 °C. The annual average is 19 °C. The climate is generally humid, with mean annual rainfall of 1,500 mm, with no defined dry season. The best time to visit the place is February and March.

Points of Attraction:

  1. Unipraias Park – Take a tour of Atlantics Woods which are almost extinct, and take an opportunity to watch breathtaking ocean views.
  2. Cristo Luz– A must see monument in Brazil, up to 33 meters high at the top of Morro da Cruz. Has a tourist complex with restaurants, stores, live shows and kid playgrounds.
  3. Santur– World of birds, aquarium, Archeologic and Oceanographic Museum, Fishermen Museum and Minifarm show local species of both fauna and flora in its natural habitat. In the zoo, lions, tigers, monkeys, alligators and many other animals and some of the major attractions, we recommend to take your kids there.
  4. St. Amaro Chappel – Built in 1810 with a mixture of whale oil and mortar, considered as a local Historical Patrimony in June 1998. Located in Bairro da Barra neighborhood right in front of the Fishermen Plaza and the school of Arts.
  5. Parque Natural Municipal Raimundo Goncalez Malta– Known previously as Parque Ecologici Rio Camboriu, is the main attractions include different types of local plants, with beautiful gardens such as Bromelia, Viveira da Mata Atlantics and Sao Francisco Garden. Have several echo trails, kid playgrounds and parking lots. Located at the end of Angelina Street.

How to Reach there:

  • Road (Bus):You can arrive in Balneario Camboriu by bus, from various places.
  • Personal or rental vehicles:You can rent a car to go to the city. The main access is by the BR-101 highway, leaving from North or South.

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