Experiencing Faith in Brazil

Brazil Being fifth largest country in the world is highly populated and vivid, this vividness is also seen in religious aspect. Brazilians have devotion for their respective religion, creed, belief and culture. It is said that even the air of the country is tinted with this devotion and faith and due to this Brazil is one stop destination for the people not only from South America but across the globe, this factor also increased the religious tourism in Brazil. There are various religious heritage and worship places in the country, according to a survey it is estimated that Brazil has 96 religious destinations across 344 cities.

Christianity is the largest religion in Brazil, around 64% roman catholic resides in the country followed by other religion. Tourism from all around the world come to visit their respective worship places in Brazil, among all Aparecida is one of the most visited place in the country.

Aparecida is Brazilian municipality in state of Sao Paulo, it is located near the bank of Paraiba do sul, Aparecia hosts several catholic events through the year, some of which includes Folio de Reis held in January, 60 days after Easter, Corpus Christi and pilgrimage in July. These festival host millions of pilgrims every year, the largest event of the city is Our lady of Aparecida which is organized in honor of Brazilian Patron Saint on October 12 every year. During the season streets of the city fills with believers who come to seek the blessing of god.

If the story is to be believed it is said that Aparecida was born by a miracle in the year 1717, the three fishermen were trying making their life in the rive Paraiba and they caught by sacred image of black saint instead of fish. They threw their net in water again and second time they got head of the saint which match the body perfectly. Because of this miracle the village is named again in honor of the saint and since then everyone follows this holy place.

Take a look at the Itinerary we have created for you

Day 1: Two Basilicas

The day starts with the visit of Two Basilicas, The Basilica mother also known as old Basilica was Chapel formed in the year 1745. In 1888, the church was reconstructed and become the main church of the city. The church is constructed in Baroque style. The church is so huge, but it became small due to the large number of believers who come to visit this holy place. After that Basilica of the national shrine or Basilica Nova was built in year 1955 near the old church, the construction started to fulfill the capacity of visitors. The place has 1.3 million sq.m. are and it is the second largest Basilica in the world the largest is St. Peters in Rome, this place receives 45 thousand visitors at same time at single place. Both Basilica is connected by a walkway. The walkway is 389 m length and 35 m height. This is the obligatory walkway for the pilgrims who visit this place to pay their prayers. Some of the believers cross this way bare foot some on their knee.

Day 2: Welcomed by Our Lady

On the last day of tour visit Cruzeiro hill peak, it can be reached by foot, by car or by cable car. We suggest you to opt for cable car if you want to witness the panoramic view of the city. Another hill is 685 m high from where you can see sanctuary and Santa lookout. This place become live during Easter. After this head to Santa lookout which is 17.6 m high and it is the largest monument in the world build in honor of Our Lady. It is said that those who climb 43 steps to reach the monument is welcomed by the mantle of Our Lady.

Once you leave from Santa lookout visit Itaguacu port situated on the bank of Paraiba river, where the images were found and at the same place there is a monument in honor of the fisherman’s and a small chapel where pilgrims pray.

Attractions to visit during the tour:

  • Old Basilica of our lady of Aparecida
  • Passarela da fe
  • New Basilica of our lady of Aparecida
  • Mirante da Santa
  • Morro do Cruzeiro
  • Porto Itaguacu

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