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Plan to see an island of paradise when you take a trip to Parintins. This Brazilian city

should be high on your next vacation list. You can travel to the area with the family, or

you could go on a romantic trip with your partner. Regardless of who accompanies you

on this vacation, you are bound to have a great time, which you will never forget. There

are many sights to see, and a lot of activities to participate in. Plan ahead and get the best

deals on hotels, tickets, tours, and flights. Be sure to purchase a Brazil Airpass to help

you secure the rate for your plane tickets.

History of Parintins

Parintins was founded in October of 1852. The city is located on the Tupinambarana

Island and on the riverbank of the Amazon River. The city went through a

transformation, and it was divided by the colors red and blue.

Fun Fact: This is the only place in the world where Coca-Cola advertisements are all

blue, with no red.

What to do in Parintins

There is a lot for you to do when you travel to Parintins. The city is well-known for its

folklore festival, which is held in June of each year. This is the second largest festival that

is held in Brazil; second behind the Carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. Each year, there is

a festival held to celebrate the legend of a resurrected ox. There are parades, flamboyant

dances, singing, and other festivities that take place at this event each year. This festival

only became well known throughout the country in 1996, despite how large it was. This

was due to the musical group Carrapicho releasing a song about the festival, which

became a hit.

Even though this is a big event in Parintins, there are other activities for you to participate

in when you travel to this city, regardless of what time of the year you plan to take your

trip during. The tourism in this city grows each year, and the people of Parintins have

become just as much a part of the tourism as the attractions and sights have. There is the

famous healer, Dona Maria Angela, as well as the popular Simon folklorist, Capricious

Bumba. You can also tour the amazons, relax on the beaches, go fishing, and visit the

many museums in Parintins.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Parintins is not hard to do; you can find accommodations for a large

group, or a small group. There are a variety of hotels, beach resorts, vacation homes, and

apartments that you can rent when you travel to this Brazilian city. Some of the most

popular hotels in Parintins are the Amazon River Resort Hotel, the Pousada Tupana,

Hotel Palace, the Ilha Bela Hotel, and more.

Each of the hotels offers you something different, from swimming pools, restaurants,

quality rooms, and more.

Weather in Parintins

When planning your trip to Parintins, you will need to research the weather conditions for

this city. Knowing the weather could help you plan your activities out better, including

scheduling hikes, tours, water sports, and other activities that you may participate in

while you are on vacation. The months in Parintins that experience the most rainfall

include January, February, March, April, and May. February is the wettest month in this

Brazilian city, and the driest month is September. The warmest month in Parintins is

October, and the coolest month is April.

Traveling in Parintins

While searching for flights and airline tickets to Parintins, you may notice that you will

need to schedule multiple flights before you reach your vacation destination. This could

be expensive, which is why it is a good idea to purchase a Brazil Airpass. The airpass

will save you money, and it will save you time. Make sure you purchase your Brazil

Airpass well in advance. You will not be permitted to buy this airpass once you have

entered into Brazil. Ask your travel agent for more information pertaining to the Brazil


Plan Your Trip to Brazil

Plan a trip to Parintins, and see one of the beautiful cities in Brazil. You can schedule

tours, and participate in a variety of activities. If you go to Parintins in June, you can

celebrate in one of the biggest festivals that Brazil has to offer. Starting planning your

vacation today, and be prepared to have the time of your life!

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