Ilha de Marajó, Pará


Get ready to go on a vacation of your dreams when you choose to travel to Illha de

Marajo. This is a city where you will go on a fun-filled adventure from the moment

you step off of the plane. You can find a variety of picturesque sights to see, and many

interesting places to tour. When you plan ahead, you are able to get the best deals and

flexible options on flights to Ilha de Marajo. Be sure you purchase a Brazil Airpass to

save yourself some time, and money.

History of Ilha de Marajó

Although the city is known as Marajo to most of the world, Brazilians refer to the city as

Ilha de Marajo. This city was one of the only major areas that did not document any cases

of Spanish Influenza during the 1918 outbreak.

Fun Fact: Ilha de Marajo is larger than Switzerland.

What to do in Ilha de Marajó

There are many sights to see and places to visit while you are on vacation in Ilha de

Marajo. Even though tourism is great in this city, the area is well spaced out; tourists do

not feel crowded when venturing out and enjoying the rich culture of Ilha de Marajo.

If you enjoy relaxing on the beach, you should go to Praia do Pesquiero while on

vacation in Ilha de Marajo. There are other beaches that you could visit, where you can

go out and enjoy a swim, play and run along the sand, or relax in the sun.

This city is full of beautiful birds that provide a lovely backdrop. Some of those birds

that you can see when you go visit the many islands that make up Ilha de Marajo include

parrots, ducks, toucans, hawks, flamingos, egrets, and more. The main attraction when

you travel to this Brazilian city is the water buffalo, which were originally brought into

the city from Africa. You can tour the many buffalo farms while you are on your trip.

Other things that you can do while in Ilha de Marajo include shopping, walking,

biking, and dining on some of the many buffalo recipes that are prepared at the various

restaurants throughout Ilha de Marajo.

Hotel Accommodations

When you plan your trip to Ilha de Marajo ahead of time, you will need to put hotel

accommodations at the top of your must-do list. Some of the hotels in this Brazilian city

come with oversized rooms, and a view of the shores. Depending on where you stay,

tour packages could be included in your stay. Pousada dos Guaras is a popular hotel that

offers its guest tour packages. Other hotels that many tourists prefer to stay in while on

vacation in Ilha de Marajo include Hotel Marajo and Hotel Casarao da Amazonia.

Weather in Ilha de Marajó

When you prepare for your vacation to Ilha de Marajo, know the weather conditions

ahead-of-time. You can plan the perfect trip, only to have it ruined by the weather. If you

want to experience a vacation that is full of sunshine and dryness, you would not want

to travel to Ilha de Marajo during the wettest and coolest months, which is why you will

need to know as much about the weather as you can, ahead-of-time. The hottest months

in Ilha de Marajo are between July and December; these are also the driest months during

the year.

Traveling in Ilha de Marajó

Locking in your flight rates and ticket amounts makes purchasing a Brazil Airpass a

necessity; although you do not need to travel with an airpass, it will save you time and

money. A Brazil Airpass cannot be purchased once you travel to Brazil; it is only valid

outside of the country. Foreign travelers who purchase their airpass to Ilha de Marajo can

lock in the rate for multiple flights, and give themselves more flexibility when selecting

their tickets. Be sure to ask your travel agent or the airline about purchasing a Brazil


Time to Start Planning

Now that you have learned more about Ilha de Marajo, it is time to start planning your

vacation in this Brazilian city. Enjoy the sights, food, and rich culture. The tourism in this

city continues to improve over the years. Choose Ilha de Marajo as your next vacation


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