Things to know before heading to Brazil

Travel is fun and adventures if it is arranged in a proper manner, because traveling is not just about reaching the destination but, it is also about the new journey you start.  Before heading out somewhere especially Brazil there are few things that every traveler should take into account, because you want to avoid end up looking like a clueless tourist. Isn’t it?

So, if you are travelling to the country,there are few things to know,but don’t worry we have gathered pro tips for you which can navigate the risks of your unplanned trip.

  1. Pick the right season to visit Brazil:Brazil weather remains pleasant throughout the year, but its weather is as diverse as it’s culture. The warmest month of this country is from November to March which is perfect for carnival festival and fun activities. Brazil experience some rain from June to July, which is the best to visit the green coast of this country from Rio to Sao Paulo. Amazon basin witness rain from January to march which is great chance to see wildlife of the great Amazon.
  2. If you are a foodie, then you can eat the best food of Latin America: Brazil offers some of the best delicacies of Latin America. Brazil is diverse in culture; and you can see it in its food. Apart from being champ in football Brazil is alsochampion in Barbequed meat. Brazil surely knows how to make it worth eating and presentable. If you are true food eater don’t let your carvings stop, Brazilians serves variety of barbeques directly into your plates, few delicacies which you should try are moqueca, Cachaca, Brigaderios, Pao de queijo.
  3. Holidaying in Brazil during the season is tricky:  Travelers mostly visit Brazil in the summer season that is from November to March, due to this the prices of accommodation touch skies,Its our suggestion, before reaching to the destination cross check to book hotels in advance. Other than this, hotels in this country is full of security, which is another good thing for the travelers here.
  4. A tip is not always required in Brazil: Whiletraveling when you are low on budget, tipping feels like biggest pain heart, but don’t worry about this in Brazil because in this country is not required everywhere you go, it’s is only mandatory for hotels and restaurants.
  5. Brazil Is full of generosity:Brazil rank fifth in the country list by population, majorly brazil is multi ethic country. People here gel up easily they are outspoken, talkative and very enthusiastic, once they become comfortable talking to you they treat you like an old good friend.
  6. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits: Brazil is home to some of the best beaches in the entire world, from Rio De Janerio to Sau Paulo to Salvador it is home to sunny beaches, which are well known for swimming, surfing and sunbathing, don’t forget to pack your swimsuits, bikinis, and thongs in yourbag packs and yes of-course keep your sunscreen and tan removal lotions, if you don’t want to get the extra love of Sun.
  7. Yes, it is expensive: Brazil is as expensive as other countries in America, so we adviseyou to plan your budget accordingly. A bed in a hostel will cost you something around from $12 to $15 per night. Also, clothing, electronic, or beauty products are imported and heavily taxed in Brazil which makes the good as expensive as in the United states.
  8. opt public buses while traveling here:Publictransport in big cities of Brazil are good, and through the brazil its better to take a public bus than renting a car or booking a cab. Buses are cheap as well as easy to research, they will drop you to the point you want in minimum fare.
  9. Drinking in public is not a crime Brazil: Unlikeunited states and other countries, drinking here in public is ok, alcohol consumption is no strict prohibition in Brazil. In cities like Rio de Janerio you can easily walk down the roads with beer bottle in hands. You are free to enjoy sip of your favorite cocktails on Brazil’s exotic beaches.

Good news:

  • Alcohol here is pretty cheaper here in Duty free as compare to many other countries.


  • Beware, drinking in public is OK, but being drunk in public is not, you will find yourself in legal trouble if your stumble of roads and misbehave.
  • Most beaches in brazil don’t allow any glass bottles, you can get in trouble for consuming alcohol in glass vessels on beach as it is completely illegal.

Brazil is amazing country with awesome people. Hope the above-mentioned list will help you to become smart tourist. Stay connected for more blogs till then KEEP SMILLING & TRAVELLING .

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