The ecotourism city of Brazil Socorro

Socorro is a municipality located in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The city is located on the “do Peixe” River and in Mantiqueira Mountains, bordering the state of Minas Gerais to the north and east, which is a gateway to Amazon rainforest. Socorro is famous for its city handmade knitted clothes, ecotourism and adventure sports.

The City of Socorro was settled in 1738 but the city came into picture in 2004, when the developemnt work take place in the city. The city is mountainous and crossed by many rivers, the main ones being Do Peixe, Camanducaia and das Antas.

Socorro is located 130 km far from the capital city of the State of Sao Paulo. As mentioned above it is famous for various adventure tourism and ecotourism, the city of the water circuit has many rivers, waterfalls, and mountains.

In addition, Socorro is also reference in accessible tourism, with hotels, inns, restaurants and sights adapted for people with reduced mobility.Cut by the Rio do Peixe, the city is part of the Mantiqueira Mountains. In the river you can go rafting and, in its surroundings, you can also take hikes to the waterfalls.

For those who like adventures, two great places are the Pico da Cascavel and the viewing spot Mirante Pedra Bela Vista, which provides the greatest rappel of Socorro, with 98 m. From there, you have a panoramic view of the city and you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Another place worth visiting is the Parque dos Sonhos, a farm hotel that, in addition to hosting, offers services relating to the practice of adventure sports in the rivers and waterfalls, with activities such as abseiling, zip lining, boia-cross, and climbing.

In the Parque Monjolinho you can also enjoy sports such as Stand Up Paddle, tree climbing, rappelling and rafting, boat rides and ecological trails.Gruta do Anjo is another great attraction. With the incidence of sunlight inside the cave, beautiful pictures are formed in its pond of crystal clear water. You can also enjoy and take a paddle boat ride by the pond.

The city is known as one of the main poles of knitting in Brazil. You can have your food once done with all the activities some nearbu place sell good quality food and from their you can also buy cheap clothes at the mall of knits, in the permanent fair or in shops in the downtown city. You can buy craft stuffs and souvenirs as a piece of gift for your loved ones.

How to reach Sorroco:

  • By plane: The nearest international airport is in Campinas From there you can head socorro about 110 km to Socorro. You can also choose to land at Guarulhos airport, about 130 km from Socorro.If you are already in Brazil, you arrival can also land at Congonhas airport.
  • By Bus:You can take a bus from the Tiete Bus Terminal to Socorro.
  • Rent car:You may rent a car at Congonhas, Campinas, or Guarulhos airport.

Points of attraction:

  • Pico da Cascavel
  • Mirante Pedra Bela Vista
  • Parque dos Sonhos
  • Parque Monjolinho
  • Gruta do Anjo
  • Rio do peixe
  • monjolinho adventure park

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