The Guide to Belem Brazil

Belem is the Portuguese name derived from Bethlehem, it is located in Brazil, Its population is approx 2,491,052. Belem is the capital of Para and situated in the northern region of the country. Belem is the hottest tourist point as it serves as a gateway to the Amazon river, hence it’s ports, airport and bus stations always remain crowded. This river location preserves the Portuguese colonial architecture, including churches, colorful houses and a 17th-century fort known as Forte do presepio. Belem is one of the oldest in Brazil. Belem is well known for its mango plantation, Some its streets are fully covered with mango trees that give a pleasant fragrance and meanwhile covering the roads to provide shades to visitors. Beleme due to this is also known as the Mango city of Brazil. Belem is such a diverse and rich city, so you can find all at one destination, from beaches to the forest, from historical landmarks to modern tourist points. And on top of all that its food, mango,
culture and that amazonian spark.

Weather of Belem

Due to the proximity to the Amazon Forest, it rains a lot. The weather is also hot
and humid the whole year round.

Points of Attractions in Belem

  • Cidade Vellha or Feliz Lusitania: It is one of the most important cultural and historical references site of the state. It has museums, palaces and mansions,there are beautiful buildings from the time when rubber tapping brought European riches and luxuries to Belem.
  • The Forte do Castelo do Senhor Santo Cristo do Presépio de Belem: Also known as Fortress of the Castle of Our Lord Holy Christ of the Nativity of Belem,or Forte do Presepio, is another place to viist in belem, it is very old and built in 17 century.
  • Archdiocese Cathedral: It is situated in the relegious complex, this place host one of the greatest religious processions in the country departs: Cirio de Nazare.on the second Sunday of October.
  • Mangal das Garças Park: It is the place where you can find hundreds of aquatic birds, like herons and tuiuius, and visit the observatory over the Guama river.
  • Ver-o-Peso Market: If you are foody thanyou can viist this market, where you can find fruits, native Brazilian and marajoara handicraft, fish, etc. There you can try most of the delicious dishes of Para. Açai, typical fruit from the Amazon, unha de carangueijo, a treat filled with crab meat, and tacaca, a kind of broth made with manioc starch, jambu leaves and dry shrimp.
  • Estaçao das Docas(Dock Station): This place offers restaurants, shows and handicraft. There you can watch a carimbo presentation, a typical dance of native Brazilian origin and African influence.
  • Mosqueiro Beache: Adventure is a sure thing on the hikes through the forest and boat rides, since Belem is located in the Amazon region and is permeated by rivers. Some islands have amazing beaches and one of them is Mosqueiro.It is the beaches formed by rivers, or those in the Atlantic coast or igarapes canals flowing into the woods are ideal to enjoy the sunny weather in Para. Alter do Chaobeach, in Santarem, is another great option.

Boat rides are also a great tip if you want to visit other beaches or islands in the area, like Marajo. It’s also possible to go from Belem to Manaus through the Amazon River.

How to Reach Belem:

  • Plan/ Airport: Belem has its own international airport and it receives direct flights from every big city of Brazil and from Miami, Cayenne, Lisbon and Paramaribo.
  • Road: You can also opt for the road journey, the city has a great strcture for fluvial transportation.

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