City Of Teresina

Teresina is located in Piaui, it is the capital city of Piaui state of Brazil. It is the most popular city of the state. It is located in north-central Piaui and it is 366 km from the coast, it is the only capital in the Brazilian Northeast that is not located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is highly populas with the average population of around 814,439 inhabitants. Timon is located in the state of Maranhao, itnis nearby to Teresina, and together both the cities combine have 953,172 inhabitants. The two cities are separated by Parnaiba river, which is one of the largest river of the Northeast Brazil

The city was founded on August 16, 1852 and it was named as Vila Nova do Poty, because it was situated near poti river. Earlier the city was the hub of fisherman who use to do fishing in the Poti river.Later on In the 19th century, the city was renamed Teresina, in honor of the Empress Teresa Cristina, the wife of the Emperor of Brazil, Pedro II.

Climate of Teresina:

Teresina is the hottest city of the country, it has a tropical wet and dry climate with two season first is : the rainy season which occurs in summer and autumn and the dry season which occurs in winter and spring.

From January to May, due to the rains, the weather is warm and wet, while from June to August the climate gets dry with relatively cool nights. In September to December the weather becomes hotter and humid.

Teresina has an average temperature around 27 °C, with a minimum of 20 °C in July and a maximum of 3 degree C in October. The lowest ever recorded in Teresina was 12 °C in June, while in the hottest season, the record exceeds 40 °C in October.

Point of attraction in Teresina:

  1. Casa da Cultura de Teresina: It is the culture center of the city, exhibiting elements of the culture, all the major cultural events of the city are held in this place.
  2. Centro Artesanal Master Dezinho: Here you can find exhibition of handcrafted products lmade of various materials like mainly clay, decorated with paintings, home decor like vase, paintings etc.
  3. Teatro 4 de Setembro: It is a theatre where you can see cultural shows, plays, folklore etc.
  4. Mirante da Ponte Estaiada Joao Isidoro Franca.
  5. Encontro dos Rios: Riverside by Parnaiba and Poti river.
  6. Parque Zoobotanico: It is a zoo which is home to rare to find animal species of Brazilian fauna and flora.
  7. Igreja de Sao Benedito: It is the main Catholic church of the city.
  8. Museu do Piaui: It is a miseum where you can find and learn the history of Teresina city. It showcase antiques, furniture and documents of old era.

How to Reach there:

  • By Flight: Teresina has its own airport, it receive non stop flighr from major cities of Brazil. If you are coming to the place by flight, plan ahead when booking. Last minute fares through Teresina are extremely expensive.
  • By Bus: You can reach Teresina by bus from all the nearby major cities.
  • By Car: We suggest you to not to drive in late night on the highway. as It is the remote highways of the Brazilian North and Northeast. It has lack of security and forces. Highway is surrounded by jungle which make visibility difficult. Driving at night can also be dangerous since thieves and gangs can more easily create roadblocks at night to rob drivers.

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