Caruara Pernambuco Brazil

Caruaru is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Pernambuco. The most densely populated city in the interior of the state, Caruaru is located in the micro zone of Agreste and because of its cultural importance, it is nicknamed as Capital do Agreste meaning Portuguese for the capital city of the Agreste region.

The city is located 140 kilometers from the state capital of Recife, the nearest international airport is receife only. However Caruara also has its own airport. Caruaru is renowned for its extensive Festival de SaoJoao also known as Saint John’s Festival which takes up the whole month of June, sometimes extending into July. Caruaru had a 2010 resident population of 354,951 inhabitants, living in a land area of 920.61 square km.

Caruaru is the hometown, among others, of Alvaro Lins, who is Brazilian journalist, and Lieutenant Brigadier Reginaldo dos Santos, former dean of the Brazilian Technological Institute for Aeronautics, so undoubtedly it has generate some of the most precious gems of the country.

In the past originally Caruaru were cattle ranch owned by family of Nunes dos Bezerros. This name was given to the city due to its proximity of the farm from Bezerros chapel. Some orphans used to live with the Nunes family. One of them, Jose Rodrigues de Jesus, inherited part of the estate, staying at the location that would later be named Caruaru. There he built a chapel dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. A village started to grow around this chapel. In 1846, Friar Euzebio de Sales started to build the parish named Igreja Matriz, nowadays a cathedral. In later years, the church was rebuilt twice, the last one in 1883.

he main economic activities in Caruaru are based on textiles, tourism, commerce, and handicraft, other than this dairy farming is also the primary source of income especially the raising of goats, chickens, and cattle, and the production of milk. Agricultural activity in the Caruaru area also includes beans, cassava, and corn. Caruaru also hosts one of the biggest open-air traditional handicrafts markets of Brazil, the Feira de Caruaru.

Every June, the city host the biggest fest of religion, as part of it the nativity of St John the Baptist, is celebrated in the city. Caruaru hosts one of the principal Brazilian Fest known as Festa de Junina.

Points Of Attraction:

  1. Feira de Caruaru : Decleared as the largest open market in the world, it occupied a huge are of occupies 90,000 square meters. It is a traditional shopping center, where you can find myriad range of typical crafts such as leather and ceramic-based products, clothing and accessories, regional food products like Brazilian jerked beef and couscous, which are rare to find somewhere else.
  2. Alto de Moura: the most famous place of the city and most liked by artisans . It is a world reference site by Unesco, it is named as the biggest center of figurative arts of the Americas.
  3. Casa-Museu Mestre Vitalino: It is the artistic museum where the artisan dip their hand in calys to get the imprint.
  4. Morro do Bom Jesus: It is the highest point in the city, which sits at 630 meters. From there it is possible to have an incredible view of the region.
  5. Sao Joao de Caruara: In June, the city host one of the biggest religious fest of the world, Sao Joao fest receive million of worshipers from around the globe, you can hear music every where, people dancing on the beat, localites hosting parties. The event has many attractions such as a typical dance of the June festivals to huge food parties, where several delicacies are cooked and shared with the community in generous amounts. This festival is a great opportunity for those who want to experience the unique delicacies of the Northeast such as Sarapatel a dish prepared with pork offal and blood.

How to Reach:

  • We will recommend you to land in Recife, and from their you can take a bus to Caruaru, or rent a car. Caruara is located 136 km away from the Recife.
  • If you opt for drive than you have to follow : BR-232, main highways if you are leaving from Recife; BR-423, if you are leaving from Alagoas; and BR-230, if you leaving from Paraiba.

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