Porto Velho, Rondônia



Even though Porto Velho is a fairly young city in Brazil, there are things that you can

enjoy doing and seeing when you plan a trip to this vacation location. The locals in

Porto Velho are very welcoming, and do their best to make sure you have a great time

experiencing their history and culture. While you are on your trip, be sure to relax in

between sighting seeing, dining, and participating in outdoor adventures. Plan ahead so

you can reserve rooms at the best hotels, and make sure you purchase a Brazil Airpass to

ensure you receive the best price on tickets and flights to Brazil.

History of Porto Velho

This city was officially founded in 1914. The construction of the Maderia-Mamore

railroad is what led to pioneers finding Porto Velho. The development of this city was

tied directly to the railroad industry for more than 60 years; however, during the rubber

boom, this town began to prosper. Gold was also discovered in Porto Velho. Cattle farms

are also a source of income for this Brazilian city.

What to do in Porto Velho

Remember that Porto Velho is a young city, but there is still a little to offer each traveler.

You could go shopping on the main street of the town. Tourism in this town is not

spectacular, which is why you should rent a car when you travel to Porto Velho; this will

help you get around to the different areas while you are on vacation. Even though there

is no formal tourist office, the locals in this city are very friendly, and they can help you

find the best attractions, historical sites, as well as other interesting activities. You could

also ask the staff at the hotel that you are staying in while on vacation in Porto Velho.

Some of the popular attractions and sights include Ciaxas D’agua, Casa de Cultura,

Catedral, the Weekly Market, Edificio Feitoza, and more.

Hotel Accommodations

There are hotels available in Porto Velho that can accommodate every type of budget.

If you want to stay at some of the more expensive hotels, the Aquarious Hotel and

Hotel Vila Rica are two popular choices. These hotels come with suites, and a variety

of amenities. If you want to stay at a mid-range priced hotel while you are on vacation

in Porto Velho, the Hotel Samauma de Porto Velho is a great choice. The rooms in this

hotel are nice, clean, and breakfast is included with your stay.

Weather in Porto Velho

The weather in Porto Velho is something that you will need to know before you begin

planning your trip. Knowing the weather conditions can help you plan accordingly,

including the sights you will see, the attractions you will visit, and the clothing that you

will pack for your vacation. The driest month in Porto Velho is April, and the wettest is

September. The warmest month to travel during is January, while the coolest month is

July. Porto Velho experiences the most rainfall during the months of January, February,

March, April, June, July, August, and September.

Traveling in Porto Velho

Scheduling flights to Porto Velho should be high on your list during the trip planning

stage. Before you begin booking hotel accommodations, you will need to make sure

there are flights available for the days that you have chosen to travel on. Do not buy

those tickets to Porto Velho before you have purchased a Brazil Airpass. In order to

reach your vacation destination, you will need to take multiple flights, which is where the

airpass comes in. The Brazil Airpass can help you lock in rates for these flights. Doing

so will help you avoid the increased fees that accompany the airplane tickets to the same

destination, on the same day.

Plan to Getaway

When you want to get away and take a trip to Brazil, be sure to put Porto Velho on your

list. Although the tourism in this city is not the greatest, there are things that you could

do. If you want to visit multiple cities while on vacation, Porto Velho should definitely be

one of the cities that you put on your list for the tour of Brazil.

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