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Recife is not only one of the largest cities in northeastern Brazil, but it is one of the most

important. The beaches in this town are great, and the culture is something that every

traveler will enjoy experiencing. Although the town is old, the tourism in Recife is great,

and the city is very vibrant. You can always find something to do while in Recife, as well

as something spectacular to see. Begin planning your trip well in advance so that you can

arrange the best activities and tours. To get great deals on flights, be sure to purchase a

Brazil Airpass.

History of Recife

Recife is the capital city of the state Pernambuco, and it was originally founded in 1537

by European settlers. Approximately 300 years later, the city was incorporated. It is home

to over four million people. The city is also home to one of the most significant ports on

the Atlantic Ocean. Recife was a host for the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournaments. The

city underwent major reconstruction in order to accommodate the visitors for this event.

This included expansions to the transpiration system, accommodations, attractions, and

sports facilities.

What to do in Recife

When you come to Recife, you will always find something fun and adventurous to do.

Some of the popular attractions in the city include the state museum, Museu do Estado de

Pernambuco; the Cathedral Sao Pedro, which is an old church that has quite the historical

value. The cathedral is surrounded by bistros, bars, and colonial houses. Casa de Cultura

is a popular tourist attraction that was once a prison, but now it is a cultural area and

shopping center.

The beaches in Recife are one of the city’s biggest draws. Some of the beaches that the

most tourists love to relax on in Recife are Porto de Galinhas, Brasilia Teimosa, Boa

Viagem, and Pina.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Recife is not a difficult task; there are dozens of hotels around the city

that each offer you something different. You can find a hotel or resort that fits into your

budget, regardless if you want to stay in the more expensive venues, or if you want to

lounge in one of the more affordable hotels and resorts.

The most popular luxury hotels in Recife include Mar Hotel Recife, Hotel Atlante Plaza,

Internacional Palace Hotel, and Recife Plaza Hotel. The cheaper hotels in this Brazilian

city are the Piratas de Praia, Pousada Villa Boa Vista, Hostel Boa Viagem, and Albergue

Maracatus do Recife.

Weather in Recife

Planning a trip requires you to consider a lot of factors, and the weather is one of those

factors. When you do not consider the weather, this could be the difference between a

great vacation and a horrible trip. Traveling to Recife is no exception; therefore, you want

to know as much about the weather conditions as possible before you plan your trip to

this Brazilian city.

The temperatures in Recife are always high, on average. The warmest month is Recife

is January, while the coolest month is July. If you want to travel to this city during the

driest month, that would be November. The wettest month in Recife is June. Rain season

generally takes place during the months of January through September.

Traveling in Recife

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Take the Trip You Deserve

You deserve to take a vacation to a beautiful destination, and Recife is the perfect

location for you. Travel to this city with your friends, family, or with your partner.

Regardless of who you go on this trip with, you will be amazed by the rich culture that

Recife has to offer each and every tourist. Start planning your trip today, and prepare to

have a great experience!

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