Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo



The tourism in Ribeirao Preto is great, which is why it attracts countless tourists year

after year. This is one of the largest cities in the northwestern region of Brazil. It is not

only a great tourist location, but it is a powerful economic center. The cultural heritage in

Ribeirao Preto is extremely valuable, and there is always something to see, do, or learn

while you are on vacation in this city. Ribeirao Preto is known as a main regional center

for nightlife and shopping. While planning your trip to this city, be sure to inquire about a

Brazil Airpass; this could save you some money on your flights.

History of Ribeirao Preto

In 1856, Ribeirao Preto was founded by farmers. These farmers were searching for an

area that had a good climate and soil that would be ideal for growing coffee beans. The

soil was so fertile that it allowed the farmers to produce the highest crop productivity

in Brazil. The coffee cultivation brought growth to the city, due to the wealth that this

industry began to build.

Centuries, and decades later, the city experienced a rapid growth due to the sugarcane

boom. This occurred during the 1980s and 90s. Tourism in this city also grew, making

Ribeirao Preto a beautiful, fun, and adventurous city in Brazil to vacation in.

What to do in Ribeirao Preto

When you arrive in Ribeirao Preto, there is always something to do; always a place to

dine in; and always some sight or landmark to see. The History Coffee Museum is one

of the popular historical buildings to visit; it details the history of how the city came

to fruition, and how the economy experienced its first real boost. You can also go to

the Museum of Images and Sounds. Be sure to tour the Seven Chapels, as well as the

Metropolitan Cathedral. If you want to go shopping, travel to the Ribeirao Shopping

district, or the Santa Ursula Shopping Center. There are a variety of parks that you could

visit, including Tom Jobim Park, Botanical Garden Park, Luis Carlos Raya Park, and

Curupira Park.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Ribeirao Preto is not hard to do. You can stay at one of the many

resorts, hotels, beachfront rentals, or bed and breakfast lodges in the area. Regardless of

where you stay, you will receive great customer service because this is a town that prides

itself on having great tourism. Some of the popular hotels in this Brazilian city include

the Shelton Inn, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Prince, Oasis Plaza Hotel, and Hotel Nacional Inn


Weather in Ribeirao Preto

Before you begin planning your vacation to Brazil, you will need to check the weather;

specifically for the city that you will be traveling to. Failing to know the weather

conditions for your vacation destination could cause you to have a horrible vacation;

whereas, being up-to-date on the weather could help you plan ahead. You will know what

clothes to pack, which accessories you could leave behind, and what outdoor activities to

plan for you and the family. The weather in Ribeirao Preto has a tropical climate. There

are typically rainy summers in Ribeirao Preto, and dry winters. The warm season in this

city generally last from January to March; the cold season is May and June. Snow is not

likely to fall during any season in Ribeirao Preto.

Traveling in Ribeirao Preto

When you travel to Ribeirao Preto, be prepared to travel to multiple cities until you

reach your destination. This could be costly, which is why purchasing a Brazil Airpass is

always a great idea. You could save yourself some time, and money when you purchase

this airpass. The rates for tickets are locked in once you purchase an airpass; and you will

have more flexibility with your flights. Make sure you purchase the Brazil Airpass before

you take your trip to Ribeirao Preto; you will not be permitted to buy this airpass once

you are in Brazil. To learn more, ask your travel agent about the airpass and all of its


Make Your Plans Today

Start planning your trip to Ribeirao Preto today. You can find a variety of attractions

to see, relax on the beaches, and tour the various areas within this city. Be sure to

experience as much of the rich culture as possible. After you travel to Ribeirao Preto, you

will see first-hand why so many people choose this vacation destination over and over


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