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The time to schedule your next vacation is now, and you should choose one of the many

locations in Brazil. Maringa is one location that you can travel to and experience some

of the best attractions and sights in this country. There will be something for you and

the entire family to enjoy; if you are traveling with friends, you will always find fun and

adventurous activities to participate in. Be sure that you purchase a Brazil Airpass to

secure the best rates on tickets to this city.

History of Maringa

In 1947, Maringa was founded as a planned area. It is the third largest city in the Parana.

This is the third largest city is southern Brazil. In 1951, Maringa was elevated to a

municipality. Since the beginning, Maringa was planned as a garden city. The major

sources of income for the economy are the service industry and farming.

Fun Fact: The City is known as “The Song City,” because its name is taken from a song

by Joubert de Carvalho. The original title of that song is Maria do Inga, but the Brazilian

city’s name was shortened to Maringa. This song was sung by the workers in the city

during their day and night shifts.

What to do in Maringa

When you travel to Maringa, there are many sights to see, and various things to do, both

indoors and outdoors. If you want to catch up on the history of Maringa, be sure to visit

one of the many museums that are located throughout the city. Some of the most popular

museums in this city include the Museu Cesumar, the Geologia Museum, the Interactive

Interdisciplinary Museum, and the Museu da Bacia do Parana. If you want to continue

seeing a bit of the history within Maringa, you can visit some of the landmarks in this

city, which include the Praca de Convivencia and the Praca Napoleao Moreira da Silva.

The Maringa Cental Cathedral is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and it is shaped

like a cone.

In between sight-seeing and shopping, you can dine in one of the various restaurants,

including the pizzeria known as Martignoni.

Hotel Accommodations

There is no shortage of hotel accommodations in Maringa; you could also rent out a villa,

apartment, or home when you travel to this beautiful city. The hotels all offer you and

those who travel to Maringa with you something different to enjoy while on vacation.

Some hotels have spas inside of their venue, while others have restaurants and lounges.

A few popular hotels in this city include The Bristol Metropole Hotel, The Hotel Deville

Business Maringa, Hotel Internacional, Hotel Golden Inga, and Hotel Harbor Self Cidade


Casa de Campo para Locacao is one of the most popular vacation home rentals in

Maringa. This rental home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, along with a full

kitchen, swimming pool, outdoor pond, and more. This rental is great for a large group of

travelers who are taking a vacation together; it can accommodate up to 20 travelers.

Weather in Maringa

The weather in Maringa is something that you will need to check before you plan out

any of the activities that you will be participating in once you take your trip; it is also

necessary to check on the weather conditions so that you can travel with the appropriate

clothing, accessories, and other incidentals. The driest month in Maringa is August, and

December is considered the wettest month in this Brazilian city. If you want to travel

during the coolest month, you will need to plan your trip for June; the warmest month in

Maringa is February. The rain season in Maringa typically takes place during the months

of January, February, March, October and December.

Traveling in Maringa

Before you purchase tickets for your trip to Maringa, you will need to consider buying a

Brazilian Airpass. This option saves you money, and allows you to have more flexibility

with your flights. The Brazil Airpass locks in the rates of your flights, unlike normal

ticket purchases that can increase on a daily basis, until they are booked. To learn more

about the Brazil Airpass, contact your travel agent, or inquire about the airpass with

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Airpass; it cannot be purchased once you have traveled to Brazil.

Plan Your Vacation Today

Plan your vacation to Maringa today, and experience all that the city has to offer to

tourists. Be sure to pack accordingly, and get the best value on flights and tickets by

purchasing a Brazil Airpass. This is a vacation that is definitely worth taking!

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