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When you travel to Natal, Brazil, prepare to be amazed by all of the beauty that this town

has to offer. Tourism in Natal is great, which is why many people travel to this vacation

destination year after year. There are a variety of sights to see, shops to visit, and things

to do while in Natal. When you plan your vacation, make sure you purchase a Brazil

Airpass to get the best deals on flights and tickets.

History of Natal

Natal was founded on December 25th

the river Potenji. The city was slow to develop, and the sandy soil was one of the main

reasons for this. The sandy soil made it hard for sugar cane to develop; sugar cane was

the main source of income for the Portuguese people. Cotton and carnuba wax became

the main source of income for decades, but over the past few years, tourism has become

the major industry in Natal.

Fun Fact: The name Natal was given to this city because of the date that it was settled.

Natal is Portuguese for Christmas.

What to do in Natal

While on vacation in Natal, there are a variety of things to do. You can tour the town and

take in some of the rich culture, or you can lounge and relax on the beach. When you

want to get out and about, be sure to visit some of the shopping centers, or stop by one

of the many museums to learn more about the history of Natal. There are also nightclubs

that you can visit, as well as folklore shows that keep you and those who are traveling

with you entertained. If you want to watch one of the latest movies, you can do so at the

movie theaters in Natal.

Some points of interest in Natal include Catedral Nova Cidade, the largest worshipping

cathedral in the town; the largest aquarium in northeast Brazil is Aquarium Natal, you

, in the year 1597; this city is located on the bank of

can see a variety of sea animals, including sharks and penguins. If you want to see a

historical landmark, visit the Forte de Reis Magos; this is Natal’s oldest building.

Go see the folklore shows while in Natal; the most popular shows are Forro com Turista

and Zas Tras. Chaplin is a disco club in Natal that you can visit while on vacation in this

town. Stop by Moviecom in the Praia Shopping Center to see the latest film.

Hotel Accommodations

When you travel to Natal, there are various hotels and resorts that can accommodate you

and your party while on vacation. Each hotel offers you something different, but a great

place to lounge and excellent customer service is something that most of the hotel venues

in Natal have in common.

Some of the popular areas for hotels in Natal include: Via Costeria; these hotels are

extremely posh, and are all located on the sandy beach. If you are looking for a great

hotel that is in a quiet area, you should stay in the Praia do Meio; these hotels are located

near the beach as well. For a traveler that wants to stay near the hot spots in Natal, Ponta

Negra is the best area to stay in while on vacation.

Keep in mind that the high seasons for Natal go from November through February, as

well as July. During these months, many hotels are sold out, so begin planning your

vacation to Natal early so that you have your choice at one of the best hotels and resorts

that this Brazilian town has to offer.

Weather in Natal

Planning your trip requires more than choosing a flight or hotel; you will need to know

the weather conditions. In Brazilian cities, the weather has an impact on the type of

activities that will be available, and often the prices of things you do, and places that

you visit, while on vacation. The seasons with the best weather is typically when a city

will raise their prices; the prices are generally lower when you travel during the rain and

cool seasons. This is one of the many reasons why you will want to know the weather

conditions in Natal before you begin planning your trip. The most rainfall can be seen in

Natal during the months of February through July. If you travel to this city between the

months of October and November, this is considered dry season. The coolest month in

Natal is July, and the warmest is January.

Traveling in Natal

Traveling to Natal will require multiple stops on various flights, which is why you want

to lock in the rates for your airplane tickets. When you purchase a Brazil Airpass, you can

do just that. The airpass is your confirmation that the price will not increase on a specific

number of flights; you will also receive more flexibility with the Brazil Airpass. To learn

more about this airpass, contact your travel agent, or the airline that you plan to book

your tickets through. You must purchase the Brazil Airpass outside of Brazil; it cannot be

purchased once you have started traveling to your vacation destination.

Start Planning the Perfect Vacation Today

You can travel to Natal and experience all of the tourism that the city has to offer. Start

planning your trip today, and make sure you plan to see all that this beautiful Brazilian

city has to offer. Be sure to book your flights, tickets, and hotel accommodations well in

advance to ensure you get the best deals, and the best options.

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