Manaus, Amazonas


The time to go to Brazil is now, and the city to visit is Manaus. You can take advantage

of the culture that this city has to offer, as well as the many sights to see, and the history

to learn. Be sure to book your hotel accommodations well in advance so that you receive

the best deals, and so that you can ensure vacancy; the hotels can sell out quickly. You

will also need to purchase a Brazil Airpass to lock in the rates for your tickets and flights

to Manaus.

History of Manaus

In 1689, this city was founded in the northern region of Brazil. The city was originally

used as a defense for Portuguese settlers who were being invaded by the Spanish. There

are now more than 1.5 million people living in Manaus. This city is a foreign trade zone;

its exports include oil refining, electronics, and wood. The tourism in Manaus improves

year after year.

What to do in Manaus

Even though Manaus is hot, it is still a tourist attraction. Many people travel to this city

to take the river tours, in addition to seeing the various sites and attractions that the city

has to offer. The Manaus Opera House is a main attraction for travelers all around the

world. Some of the must-see sights in Manaus include the Natural Science Museum.

The animals that are inside of this museum are live. Nearby is the INPA, which houses

the preserved birds and wildlife. If you want to go to the market and do some shopping

while on vacation, the Mercado Municipal is a great venue to visit. It was modeled after a

market in Paris, the Les Halles market.

While on your trip, you could relax on one of the many beaches in this city. Two of the

most popular beaches in the area are the Praia de Lua Beach, and the Ponta Negro Beach.

Both are located in great areas, and provide tourists with a variety of activities to do. Be

sure to take tours of the Amazon when you travel to Manaus. The ecotourism specializes

in boat expeditions for small groups.

Hotel Accommodations

Manaus has a variety of hotels available, regardless if you are looking for a luxury venue,

or if you are on a budget. Some of the most popular hotels – that are available for an

affordable rate – include Hotel Rei Arthur, Hotel Express Vieralves, Hotel Colonial, Rio

Branco, and Big Hostel Brazil. You are able to rent out single rooms, if you are traveling

in a small party; these hotels can also accommodate travelers with more than two people

in their party.

Other hotels that are in the mid-range price range include Continental Park Hotel, Hotel

Saint Paul, and Hotel Sao Pedro. The more luxurious hotels include Hotel Millennium,

Tropical Manaus Eco Resort, and Hotel Andrianopolis All Suites.

Weather in Manaus

Before you make those vacation plans to Manaus, you should know what the weather

conditions in this Brazilian city are. You do not want to plan a trip, only to have it ruined

by weather that you are not fond of. Even though the temperatures in Manaus are always

high, on average, there are some months that tourists prefer to travel during. The months

of January, February, March, April, and May have the nicest temperatures, which is why

these months are chosen by many tourists. The driest month in Manaus is August, while

the wettest month is March. The coolest month in this Brazilian city is May, and the

warmest month is September. Rainy season in Manaus takes place during the months of

January, March, April, May, June, October, November, and December.

Traveling in Manaus

Do not purchase your tickets for Manaus without buying a Brazil Airpass. This airpass

could save you money on multiple flights to Brazil. You can lock in the rates on your

flights to Manaus, and allow yourself some flexibility with travel. You will need to

purchase the Brazil Airpass outside of Brazil; it is only available to foreign passengers.

Plan your Vacation Today

Start planning your trip to Manaus and get prepared to have a great vacation. You will

have access to some great attractions, food, and people. Stay safe when you travel to

Manaus by wearing insect repellent, pants, and long sleeve shirts. Always travel with a

group, especially if you are venturing out into the city. It is best to avoid the east zone in

Manaus. Plan ahead, and plan well.

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