Be the One to Witness Amazonian Culture

Do you love being immersed in nature, going to places in the world that are pristine and untouched. Than you should come to Amazon Brazil. It’s almost a religious experience when you go to a place like the Amazon, there you can see no civilization for thousands of miles.

Brazil Amazonian region is a perfect blend of nature, culture, food, music and religion. Amazon is the treasure of the country in true senses. Amazonian region of the country is highly influenced by the European, African and indigenous tribes and countries, Amazonian region offer you whatever you want be it music, dance, festivals, cuisine, architecture and many others.

In this blog we are taking you to the tour of two biggest cities of the region Belem and Manaus, its two largest cities, which preserves the those who want to explore the biggest region of the Country.

Day 1 :Start the tour with the city of Belem, the first destination is Ver-o-Peso Market, situated on the banks of the Guama river. The market have hundreds of stalls, which displays everything which is made and found here locally like fresh fish, typical fruits, local cachacas which is the national drink of Brazil made with distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice, exotic seasonings, various garments, medicinal herbs, indigenous handicrafts and more. In between the shopping if you get hungry, you can sit and relax to the nearby restaurants situated on the banks of the river, which serve freshly prepared regional specialties.

Located next to it, Estacao das Docas is a dock from where you can take boats to the nearby islands. You can witness the sunset while sailing on Guama’s waters. At the docks you can also learn about the history of the city.

At night, visit to the nearby resturant and dance on the local music. From tecnobrega to carimbo and guitarrada, there is music for all .

Day 2:On the second day, you have to visit the most relegious place of the country start the day with the blessings of Basillica de Nossa Senhora de Nazare, which hosts the Cirio de Nazare feast. One of the biggest Brazilian manifestations of faith, the festival attracts millions of people to Belemwho gather together on the second Sunday of October in honor of Nossa Senhora de Nazare. If you go there during this time, get ready to find the church and its surroundings crowded with people. We recommend you to book your accomodation in advance , the residences, hotels and even the airport become decorated with the theme of the feast and images of Nossa Senhora. And the best things is, if you can’t visit Belem during this particular time, you can enjoy the decorations even after the feast because they are maintained for some days.

After the visit to to Princesa Isabel Square and take the boat and depart towards Ilha do Cumbu, which comes under Amazon Forest located right next to the city. The island has dozens of restaurants on the banks of the river. Choose one for the lunch, and ear fish with acai berry a local delicacy. Unlike the other Brazilian regions, in the North the acau berry is also served as an accompaniment to meals.

After lunch, go to the Mangal das Garcas Park.The park is situated in an area of 40000 m², it is home to various rare species of the plants and animals.

Day 3:On the third day of the tour head towards Capital city of the State of Amazonas,. Manaus is situated in the middle of the largest amazon. Covered with the nature and beautiful architecture the city gives you fresh vibes.

Go to the Arena da Amazonia Stadium made for FIFA, it has an architecture inspired by the nearby jungle: its metal structure resembles an indigenous straw basket. It hosts games, concerts and other events. Some soccer matches of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games were held there.

The center of Manaus houses mansions and buildings from the time of the rubber boom, built in the late 19th century, when the city’s economy revolved around the latex extracted from the Amazonian rubber trees. Its main attraction is Teatro Amazonas, built with materials imported from Europe and considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. The location regularly hosts opera concerts and classical music, the city center has few bars which play local music.

Day 4:On the last day of the tour visit Negro river. The first stop is at the Harbor of Manaus. One of the largest river harbors of Brazil, it was also built during the golden age of the rubber boom. It is part of an architectural ensemble, where the elegance and luxury meet.

From there, board a boat towards the Lago Janauari Ecological Park, situated 1 hour from Manaus. However, before reaching its destination, the boat passes through the meeting of waters between the Negro and Solimoes river.

The park is spreaded in 9000 hectare, here you can watch the Amazonian nature. One of the highlights is Vitorio Regia the flower which is the symbol of Amazon, and that can reach 2m in length.After all this If you feel hungry, then you can have a chance to taste the most typical sandwich of Manaus, X-Caboquinho. Stuffed with queijo coalho (a cheese produced in Northeastern Brazil) and tucuma a local fruit, it is the favorite sandwich of the people from Manaus, who eat it at any time of the day and often with other side dishes such as fried bananas and eggs.

Points of Attraction:

  • Estacao Das Docas
  • Ver o peso market
  • Our lady of Nazare Basillica
  • Mangal das Garsas Park
  • Amazonia Arena
  • Amazonia Theater
  • Lake Janauari Ecological park
  • Manaus Port

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