Top Beaches in Brazil That You Must Visit

Switch ON your vacay mode, pack your bikinis, and get ready for sun kissed body, because it’s time to visit the sexiest beaches of Brail, this one is for the travelers who are looking to visit the exotic beaches of this diverse country. Let me tell you other than football Brazil is well known for its beaches, these destinations are popular for their charm, vibrant nightlife’s, music, mouthwatering cuisines which attracts thousand of visitors who come for the beachy getaway every year from across the globe. If you are also planning for to visit Brazil then let the waves hit your feet and sand be your seat. We have come along with this blog which will prove to be very helpful for you to plan your vacation to your favorite beaches.

  1. Santos Beach:  First in the list is Santos beach which is located in town of Santos in Sao Paulo it has been the largest seaport for many centuries and it is known for the export of coffee , it is densely populated region of the state due to which it become crowded in peak hours, this city has the longest sea garden in the entire world, Although this beach is best for sea side morning walks.
  2. Ilha de Tinharé:The island of Tinhare is located in the island town of Morro de Sao Paolo, it is remote island and another location which operate no vehicles. Apart form this, Tinhare is the favorite destination of Brazilians and foreigners, the town is very small but it is popular for tourism, travelers can easily find villas on rent in the outskirt of this town for remote vacation. The beach has white sand and clean water.
  3. Praia do Forno: Forno beach is isolated from the town Buzios and nestled on one side by a large cliff and number of submerged rocks that provide ample sea life and due to which this place is best suited for snorkelers. This costal village of Buzios was once home of pirates and slave traders after the pirates died this place becomes prime place of fishing and soon converted into fishing village. This beach is also a remote one but if you find this place isolated then you can visit the nearby beaches which are as beautiful as this.
  4. Praia de Pipa:it is discovered as the fishing village of 1970’s, it sea life and clean blue water changed this destination in tourist destination and in today scenario it is named as the top beach of northeastern Brazil. Tourists can easily find hotels nearby and enjoy nightlife here.
  5. Praia do Campeche:Campeche is located in the southeast side of Santa Catarina island, it is one of the beaches from the list of 42 beaches of Florianopolis, this place is rich in native rainforest and archaeological sites. Florianopolis is hot destination for top beaches of Brazil half of the city is populated in mainland of Brazil and rest is locates in Santa Catarina. This beach is famous for surfing, kitesurfing and other water sports.
  6. Lopes Mendes, IIha Grande: This island is located in the coast of Rio de Janeiro, this place as used as leper colony long year ago and remain unpopulated then after for so many years due to which this area always remain green and environmental rich, now it is one of the most beautiful rainforests of the region and also home to myriad of endangered species including red ruffed fruitcrow and brown howler monkey. This island is vehicle and roadless hence the only mean to reach here is boat, this beach is safe for surfing and swimming.
  7. Jericoacoara: Hard to pronounce hence know as Jeri in short, this place is located in the north side of Brazil, hidden behind big sand dunes. Sea is located between the sand dunes which is the make this place most pristine. Despite located between sand dunes this place has everything to offer to its travelers be it, music, food nightlife and hotels. One can enjoy many coastal activities at this place mainly sunrise and sunset which makes this one of the most desired places to visit for many including me.
  8. Ipanema:This place becomes famous after it get featured in the bossa nova song “The girl from Ipanema” in the 1960’s and today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Rio de Janeiro. It’s clean water, white sand, breezy waves make it enter in the list of Best beaches in Brazil every year. The seaside is organized with small kiosks, cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops, theaters, clubs and hotels. Ipanema beach is located in south zone of the country and situated in between Copacabana and Leblon.
  9. Baia do Sancho:One in the list of top 10 worlds beach Baia do Sancho is famous for it crystal clear blue water. It is situated in Fernando de Noronha archipelago and best suited for swimming and underwater activities. The island is also recommended for romantic getaway for couples.
  10. Copacabana: Last but not the least, and the one for which every one is waiting till now, yes, it is Copacabana. Located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by tall building and sky scrapers Copacabana top our list of best beaches. This place is easy to reach unlike many other beaches of Brazil which are remote hence it requires no such planning to visit this, apart form this it is famous for its water sports, rich nightlife, festivities, events and other amenities one look while visit a beach.

So, let’s now include these destinations in your list of must visit in Brazil, hope you like the blog we will be right back with more exciting and informative blogs on Brazil tourism till then stay connected and SAFE SURFING 🙂

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