The Picture-perfect Brazil – Best places for photography in Brazil – Part 2

Are you still on the expedition of capturing the beauty of Brazil through your lenses, stay back we are keeping our promise to come along with our second list of Best Places for Photography in Brazil. In our first list, we have discussed Amazon, Christ de redeemer etc. But there are more breathtaking places than these in the largest country of South America. Brazil is the most famous attraction for photography, photographers around the globe come to this destination every year to Capture the perfect picture, that is why we call Brazil picture perfect.

Brazil is huge, and it covers almost half the continent of South America it is hard to choose one and leave one, but after so much of research we have created another list of Best Places for Photography in Brazil, Take a look.

  1. Copacabana– Rio de Janerio: Copacabana is located in the South of the city of Rio de Janerio. It is 4km long beach, this is the place to enjoy sunbath, majestic beach front while doing this you may have a chance to click some colorful images at the world-famous beach, as it is the most photographed destination of Rio. You can click the colorful images of all locale. The nightlife of Copacabana beach is mythical and the building of the surrounding area can serve as the backdrop for some lively photographs.
  2. NiteroiContemporary Art Museum – Rio de Janerio: This place is photographers paradise, that the reason we included this in the list of Bestplaces for Photography in Brazil, it is located in the down across the Guanabara Bay, this museum is established by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. This museum is created in the shape of UFO, it sharp architecture and surreal curvesare what makes it different from all. Travel around the museum and take the perfect picture of the museum with surrounded ocean and mountains.
  3. Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) – Rio: This place is located in Urca and this is possibly the most famous in the whole city for travelers, localities, and for photographers. No visitor can leave the city without witnessing the terrific aerial view of this place. The Sugarloaf Mountain is surrounded by the huge city, and Ocean creating the best photography point to capture the memorable photos. You can reach the place by the help of a cable car while enjoying the view on the way, once you reach there you will have an opportunity to click the 360º scenery and topography including Copacabana, Christ de Redeemer, Ipanema, Flamengo, Leblon, Corcovado mountain etc from this place.
  4. Santa Teresa & Lapa – Rio: Located in Rio these places not only share their border but they also share their history, art, and culture. This place has a quirky bohemian vibe because of the roots this place, in past, it was home to artist and bohemians of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and the same artistic vibe of this destination is alive till date. You may witness the most vivid and colorful street art here so don’t forget to bring back your camera with you. Lapa is well known for its nightlife, lively music that fuels the nights here, on the other hand, Santa Teresa is famous for its old architecture, cobblestone streets, and old housesconverted into hotels, restaurant and shops, giving the old school vibe to its travelers and me as well, because this is one of my Favorite places from the list of Best Places for Photography in Brazil.
  5. Boulevard Olimpico: This is located in the Port area,earlier this was a meeting point for Cariocas and tourists who wanted to follow the different Olympic games. One of the main attractions of this is the Mural Etnias, a 2500-meter sq. the panel which was signed by Muralist Eduardo Kobra. This colorful mural is center of attraction for photographers as well as tourists.
  6. Museu do Amanha –It deserves to be on the list of Best places for Photography in Brazil because of it fascinating and modern architecture.

    Museu do Amanhã, Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro

    This museum is located at Praca Maua, it is a science museum build to explore the possibilities for constructing the future. That’s why it is named as “Museum of Tomorrow”. If you are an architectural photographer this museum will give you an opportunity to click it’s different and sharp angles.

  7. Santa Marta – Rio: Last but not the least in the list of Best places for Photography in Brazil is Santa Marta. Santa Marta favela is topped with color and life, making it worth taking a photo. Santa Marta offers the holistic view, dynamic street art, and architecture.

Brazil is so much diversity that it has everything from Beaches to landscape, Modern architecture to old-school yet lively houses. The more you explore Brazil on your own the closer you get to this place. If you like our blog on Best places for photography in Brazil, head to the destination we have mentioned on the list and don’t forget to put your camera with you. We will be back with exciting blogs till then Atélogo”

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