The North Coast of Alagoas

Although Maceió is the state capital, from where it is possible to make several travels along the coast of Alagoas, our tip is to seek a quieter destination.

Maragogi is even more famous and one of the most popular places to travel in Alagoas. It is one of the destinations that comes in several lists of the best in Brazil and is also nicknamed the Brazilian Caribbean.

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Sao Miguel dos Milagres also has natural, quieter and cheaper pools than in Maragogi

What you need to know before you go

Maragogi or Maceió are not the best answers for a quieter and more reserved destination. These cities are very touristy, with extensive infrastructure and large flow of tourists.
The north coast of Alagoas reserves some paradisiacal beaches, on the way between Maceió and Maragogi. The road is known as the Ecological Route.
Japaratinga and São Miguel dos Milagres are two of the top destinations in this region. Japaratinga is next to Maragogi (about a 20-minute drive) and also has natural pools and beautiful beaches. The advantage is that some of them are deserted.
But if your idea of ​​perfect travel is associated with even more privacy, São Miguel dos Milagres is the best option. The local tourism bet on charming inns and foot in the sand, ideal for couples. But don’t expect charm outside the inns.
São Miguel dos Milagres is the most rustic of the cities of the northern coast of Alagoas and the villages are quite simple. Even so, there is a good offer of restaurants such as No Quintal (book in advance), Buda Bistro and Manzuá Gourmet.

Travel tips

Getting There: The best option is to rent a car as there is no public transport option in some destinations in the area.
Where to Stay: There are several options of charming hostels in São Miguel dos Milagres. We stayed at Pousada Praia Bonita, which is a very economical option, but if you are looking for a hostel on the sand, we recommend the charming Pousada da Amendoeira. Have a look at Pousada do Alto, in Japaratinga. The infinity pool is unforgettable.
Best Season: October, November, December and January are the best months. Summer is when the sea is clearer and less likely to rain. The months from April to August are usually the rainiest there.
How Many Days: 7 days is the ideal time to explore the region. Choose one or two bases on the north coast, such as São Miguel dos Milagres, Japaratinga, Porto de Pedras or Maragogi.
How much it costs: R$ 350,00 / day per person. Demand for the northern coast of Alagoas has been growing a lot, which can greatly increase the lodging. Sao Miguel dos Milagres is where you can find more expensive prices. Japaratinga and Maragogi have cheaper options (average spending of R$ 250 / day per person).

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