TAM South America Pass Rules



TAM South American Airpass Rules


Minimum/Maximum Stay

  • Minimum: 5 days from departure date of first segment.
  • Maximum: 30 days from departure date of first segment.


  • INF: 10% of adult fare.
  • CHD: children pay adult fare.

Stopovers and Connections

  • A maximum of 4 stopovers within Brazil and 2 within other countries will be permitted in addition to the point of origin/destination.
  • If the connection exceeds 24 hours, it will be considered as a stopover.
  • Exception: If a JJ connection between two domestic flights within Brazil exceeds 4 hours, it will be considered as a Stopover.
  • “Surface” is not counted as a coupon.


  • Route must include at least 2 (two) countries within the area covered by the TAM SOUTH AMERICA AIRPASS.
  • Maximum of 8 (eight) flight coupons permitted, with a maximum of 5 (five) flight coupons per country.
  • The same segment may not be flown more than once in the same direction, except for connections.
  • The same city may not be used as an origin/destination more than once, except for connections.
  • Each segment flown corresponds to one coupon.


  • All segments of the trip must be confirmed before departure.
  • Booking classes are W or V.


  • Valid for sales and ticketing only outside of South America (purchase and ticketing).
  • Only one South America Airpass may be purchased per passenger in conjunction with the international ticket (including AD/ID or award tickets).
  • The Airpass ticket must be issued separately and must include a cross-reference of the international ticket sold in conjunction with the Airpass.
  • Applicable taxes (airport tax, security and additional taxes) must be charged when issuing the Airpass.
  • Tickets are non-endorsable/nontransferable.


  • Rebooking permitted at any time subject to penalty on condition that the same fare is maintained.
  • Rerouting: Not permitted.


  • Before departure:  Refundable. Penalty: USD 150.00.
  • After departure: Non-refundable.

Baggage Allowance

  • The baggage allowance for domestic segments covered by the TAM SOUTH AMERICA AIRPASS is the same as permitted on international segments. 
  • In the event of excess baggage, 0.5% of the ‘Y” applicable fare for the segment in question if flown within Brazil and 1% of the “Y” applicable fare for the segment in question, if flown in South America (except Brazil), per extra kilo.

TAM Fidelidade – Frequent Flyer Program

  • Segment flown with the Airpass will accumulate 90% of the full points value under the TAM Fidelidade Frequent Flyer Program.

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