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Brazil Airpass Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy a Brazil Air Pass if I am in Brazil?

A:  Air pass must be purchased outside of Brazil in conjunction with an international ticket to Brazil.


Q: Can two people share the same air pass?

A:  No, only one person may use an air pass.


Q:  I am not in the United States. Can I buy the air pass from

A : Yes, as long as you can provide the number of your international ticket to Brazil.


Q:  Is the Air Pass an Elecronic Ticket, or will I receive something by mail?

A : It is Electronic. You will get your confirmation and ticket number by email only.


Q: I work for an airline and I am flying to Brazil on a stand-by basis. Can I purchase the Brazil Air Pass?

A : You must have a positive space airline ticket to purchase the Air pass.


Q: Can I get a partial refund If I do not use all flight coupons?

A:  No. The air pass is refundable only if totally unused. No partial refunds. A penalty fee applies to process a refund.


Q:  Can I travel to Argentina or other South American countries using the Brazil air pass?

A : No. The air pass is valid only for travel within Brazil. For South America you need to purchase a South America Pass


Q: Is there a discount for children?

A:  No discounts are provided for children using the Brazil Air Pass.


Q:  After I purchase the air pass, can I change the flights?

A:  Once ticketed, changes can be made on DATES of travel ONLY, with penalty fee. The route CAN NOT be changed.


Q: Can I purchase an “open ticket” and book my flights in Brazil?

A : No. All flights must be booked and confirmed before you purchase the pass.


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