Skyscanner Survey – 53% of Brazilians intend to Travel later in 2020

The Travel Meta Search company SkyScanner conducted a survey between March 27th and 31st with 720 Brazilian travelers pointing out the Brazilian’s optimism regarding national and international trips.

According to the data obtained by the survey, 53% of respondents think it will be safe to travel internationally within six months. 20% already believe they will be able to pack between four and six months. Still, 34% feel optimistic about the possibility of traveling abroad by the end of this year.

For domestic trips within Brazil, the result was more divided. 24% answered that within six months it will be safe to travel, 23% think that between four and six months and 20% between one and three months. In addition, 35% of travelers are optimistic about domestic travel later this year.

The survey also pointed out that among respondents, 37% traveled once or twice in the past twelve months, while 17% traveled between three and five times in the same period.

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