Brazil Tourism ministry announces measures to Save one Million Jobs

Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antonio,  announced measures that the Ministry of Economy should disclose to cover 100% of Tourism companies, of all sizes, due to the crisis of the new coronavirus.

Amongst the items are changes relation to employment contracts, which may have a staggered reduction in salaries for small and medium tourism entrepreneur may choose, in negotiations with workers, between 20%, 50% and 60% reduction.  For larger travel companies companies, the reduction may be up to 70%.

For the Brazilian hotels, the payroll accounts for 40% to 50% of costs,  the measures can prevent the dismissal of 1 million people in tourism”, guarantees Álvaro Antônio.

The Brazilian Minister of Tourism also said that the objective of the measures is to allow companies and professionals to survive, and  come out of the crisis one step ahead of world competitors.

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