Gol promotes tourism and Brazilian culture

Developed by Gol Airlines and the Spray Content agency, to promote tourism and Brazilian culture, the “Aproximando Distâncias” (Approximating Distances) project chose 25 artists who will exhibit their art and offer what the public could only access by traveling through the different regions of the country. Artist names will be revealed soon.


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Among the products are regional works of art and typical foods, graphite, basketry, vases, jewelry, clay pots, cloth dolls, pepper preserves, and banana candies, among others. Some items will be delivered door to door and others sold through vouchers – buyers purchase through the website and have up to one year to withdraw the purchase at the chosen location.

“Even with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Brazilians did not stop thinking about traveling, they just postponed this desire, just in case. The Aproximando Distências project brings a little of our country rich in beauty and culture into people’s homes. At the same time, economy and leisure travelers do not return to normal, “said the director of Marketing, External Communication, Digital Channels, and Sustainability at GOL, Loraine Ricino.

In addition to e-commerce, the platform will also have video classes in which the techniques behind each product are taught, and even tell the story of its creators.

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