Flapper Technologies is planning to expand its online Booking Business

Flapper technologies is Brazil’s firstprivate aviation marketplace it’s a web platform offering bookings on a 115 fixed rotary wing business aircraft operated by 27 air-taxi companies. Flapper technologies is all set to expand their business to consolidate their position in Brazil online booking service. Company CEO Paul Malicki stated in a press conference that before the end of the year 2018 the company aims to achieve the expansion target by offering shared flights and charters between Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte – which is Brazil’s third largest City. Currently Flapper technologies is offering this service in Brazil’s two largest cities namely Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio.

The CEO of the company Paul Malicki also added that these three biggest cities of Brazil form a triangle for unscheduled private aviation services because they are only 400 Km approx. 250 miles apart. Due to this offer the company has also negotiated with it air taxi partners. Flapper is offering a sear price of worth $200 on one-way shared flight on any class between any two cities. Flapper is automated booking platform which is linked to Brazil chief corporate travel agencies and corporate travel management systems, through this alliance country’s business market makes 70% od its entire travel booking volume. Flapper technologies fetch about 80% of its revenue from its mobile application.

Flapper is stepping forward towards its ambition to grow by adding Belo Horizonte to its private aviation network offerings, which allows individual and companies to book seat on shared flights and it also allow to book whole aircraft charters on the servicing routes. The CEO also added that its shared flight service generates 50% revenue of the company and rest of the amount is generated by charters.

A share flight operates between Sao Paulo Congonhas to Jacarepagua Roberto Marinho Airport under part rule 135, These airfields is the only short runway airport in the western part of Rio de Janerio and it is used only for general aviation and helicopter flights. For shared services company use Beech King Air 200s/250s and Pilatus PC-12s. According to Paul Malicki around 65% of people having passports live in the western part of Rio de Janerio city, so many of the population is middle class hence like to use private aviation services.

One can book charters and seats on shared flight by using flapper technologies mobile application or website. Company offer shared flight on seat basis from Sao Paulo to the famous weekend beach destination Angra dos Reis for just $100 and for $ 200 company provide the shared seat service from Rio de Janerio to Buzios in sikorsky sky S-76.

Company CEO also stated that by March 2019 they have plans to extend their services offering to include the membership service, in which for a fixed monthly amount they will offer the member unlimited travel throughout flapper network. In the year of 2018 and 2019 flapper is also planning to extend their shared flight network from Sao Paulo to some of the famous beach destinations. As well as they want to link Sao Paulo to Curitiba, which is the capital of state of Parana of Brazil.

With additional higher fares company is also deciding to provide seats in Business class and first class for which they probably use Embraer ERJ135s, after this they will be extending and linking the national capital of country Brasilia to SAO Paulo, Rio de Janerio and Belo Horizonte. The CEO also stated that their ambition is not going to stop here by the year 2021 they are also planning to be able to add on-demand helicopters charter to its booking platform and if the country allows they are planning to add demand passenger drone services by the year 2022.

According to Malicki there are enormous chances to grown in Brazil’s aviation market, the country has 2,457 airports, but commercial airlines serves only 121 out of them and regional air taxi serves only 160 small bases. And according to these stats air taxi services have potential to grow up to 50%. He added that with better seat booking and distributing services Brazil air market could double in coming three years. CEO of Flapper technologies believe that Brazil has more than 400,000 potential clients for charter and 2.7 million pay per seat buyers for shared air travel. Another vision of the company includes increasing the number of aircraft up to 200 by the end of year 2019. According to Malicki he can achieve this ambition by collaborating with state and regional air taxi providers. He added “ they have high chances of becoming partners with part 135 companies in addition to this currently they are partnering with the VoeMinas state air taxi operator in Belo Horizonte, which is the capital of Minas Gerias and ASTA based in Cuiaba, the capital of Mato Grosso.

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