Coca Cola Lake – An Unbelievable attraction of Brazil

Every one love to drink Coca Cola but have you ever imagined to dive into a lake full of coca cola, yes you can full fill this dream in Brazil. Take your coca cola love to next level by swimming into Coca cola lake of Brazil.

Coca cola lake or Araraquara or also known as Lagoa da coca cola, by Brazilians dueto the dark color of the water which comes from the chemical composition of the ground rich in iodine and iron oxide mixed with the root’s pigmentation.The inhabitants of the region believe that its waters possess curative and rejuvenating virtues. The lake is situated inside the ‘Mata da Estrela’ reserve. The nature and fauna you will see in the park are of a big beauty and variety.

The lake is surrounded by white sand dune which are not very high still its fun to climb the dunes. The highest dune is 80m high The Mata Estrela, a great Atlantic rainforest reserve located in Formosa Bay in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, nestles an interesting Lake with healing waters according to some people. The name of the Lake is Araraquara but soon it started being called Coca-Cola due to the color of the water that is similar to the drink.Despite its browncolor, the water is clean and you can dive in the Lake. There is no tourism infrastructure at the site but it is worth the visit. You canrelax in the water and enjoy the nature around you. You can reach there you must walk through a trail in the forest for 5 hours or experience an adventurous buggy ride from the beach. In the forest you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the place.

“Mata da Estrela” The reserve is located in the municipality of Baía Formosa in Rio Grande do Norte, and covers almost 2,039.93 hectares or 5,040.8 acres. It is owned by DestilariaBaía Formosa and it is a part of the 7,897 hectares 19,510 acres Fazenda Pedrosa in the municipality of Baía Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte.The reserve was created on 30 March 2000 by Marilia MarrecoCerqueira, President of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). It takes its name Mata da Estrela (Star Forest) from its shape. The reserve holds a part of Atlantic Forest in an area that was largely deforested to make way for sugar cane plantations. The forest is open to visitors who wish to experience the varied flora and fauna. A local guide will interpret the environment. The foresthas Gameleira trees with huge diameter. The fauna and flora of the forest are being mapped and described by NGOs and universities authorized by the owner.

Location Address: Reserva particular do patriomonio natural mataestrela – RN -062 Baia Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte.

How to get there:

You can reach the attraction via buggy or quad bike; the roundtrip takes around 2 hrs. through the coastline accessing a small portion of the mata da estrela before reaching the place.

You can walk Mata Estrela, on the way to the lake there are some stopover points where you can bathe in the lake. It takes 5 to 6 hrs. total time to visit lake and reserves.

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