Ubatuba, Sao Paulo



When you want to go to a city in Brazil that is well-known for its tourism, Ubatuba

should be at the top of your list. When it pertains to tourism, Ubatuba is one of the most

important cities in Brazil. Travelers will be amazed by the various sites to see in this city,

as well as the 100+ beaches that are in Ubatuba. To experience a piece of the paradise

that is Ubatuba, start planning your vacation today. Be sure to plan well in advance so

that you can secure the best hotels, and book the best tours. You should purchase a Brazil

Airpass to make sure you receive great rates on tickets and flights to Ubatuba.

History of Ubatuba

Ubatuba was settled in 1637. This was the city where the Portuguese signed the first

peace treaty with the Tupinamba Indians. Since being settled, Ubatuba has grown in the

tourism industry, as well as in terms of population. This city is considered as “The Surf

Capital of Sao Paulo State” by law. This name was given to Ubatuba because more than

10 of the most important surf contests are held in this city each year. Those competitions

include two Super Surf Pro series, as well as two world qualifying series.

What to do in Ubatuba

There are a variety of activities that you can participate in while you are visiting Ubatuba.

Since this is the surf capital of Brazil, it should come as no surprise that surfing is

extremely popular with the locals, as well as tourists. You could enjoy surfing, in

addition to other activities on one of the 100 plus beaches in Ubatuba. Some of the most

popular beaches in this city include Lazaro, Enseada, Maranduba, Pereque, Saca de

Ribeira, and Grande.

If you love birds, you will be amazed by the species of birds that you can see while

on your trip to Ubatuba. There are more than 565 species of birds in this area. Be sure

to stop by one of the many museums in the area, such as Caicara and the Automobile

Museum. If you love sea turtles, visit the Projecto Tamar to get up close with these

sea creatures. You can also go scuba diving, hiking, and trekking while on vacation in

Ubatuba. Make time to climb the famous Climb Corcovado while you are on your trip.

Hotel Accommodations

There are a variety of hotels available in Ubatuba, and each venue has something

different for guests to enjoy. For instance, the surf lovers prefer to stay at the Chales

Agua Dolce because it is a great area for surfers and sunset spotters. This hotel also

provides guests with yoga classes, and well a spa where guests can have a massage done.

Other hotels that are popular amongst the tourists that visit Ubatuba are the Pousada

Twin, Hotel Coquille, Hotel e Pousada Pouso54, and Pousada Omnimare.

Weather in Ubatuba

The weather is Brazil can vary, depending on the city and state that you are traveling to.

It is extremely important that you learn as much about the climate as you can, including

the warmest temperatures. Failing to learn as much about the weather conditions when

you travel to Ubatuba could be the difference between a great vacation, and a mediocre

trip. The warmest months in this city are between December and April. The average

temperatures for these months are in the 80s. The coolest months in Ubatuba are May

through June; however, those temperatures are in the high 70s. Rainy season in this city

typically occurs during the months of December, January, February, and March.

Traveling in Ubatuba

When it is time to travel to Brazil, be sure that you have purchased a Brazil Airpass.

This will save you money on multiple flights to and from the city Ubatuba. You can lock

in the rates for airplane tickets; you also receive more flexibility on flights to and from

Ubatuba. Be sure that you purchase your airpass before you arrive in Brazil; it cannot be

purchased once you are in Brazil. To learn more about the airpass, ask your travel agent.

Plan a Vacation that you will Love

Start planning your next vacation to Ubatuba. This is a Brazilian city that you will love.

The tourism in this city is great, which is why so many travelers choose this vacation

destination year-after-year. Start planning your perfect trip now!

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