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The time to take a trip to Brazil is now, and the city to travel to is Sao Luiz. When you

decide to vacation in this city, you are choosing a destination that is full of tourism. You

can expect to see beautiful views, relax in a variety of amazing settings, all while taking

in the rich culture that Sao Luiz has to offer to every tourist. Before you begin packing

your bags, you will need to plan out this trip for you and your family, or you and your

friends. To ensure you get the best deals on tickets for multiple flights to Brazil, be sure

that you purchase the Brazil Airpass.

History of Sao Luiz

This city was founded in 1612 by the French, but the city had been occupied by the Dutch

before that. Sao Luiz is a World Heritage site that was listed by the UNESCO. There are

two regions that this city is divided into; Sao Luis and San Francisco. The former is an

older town that is full of working class suburbs. The San Francisco region is more up-to-
date, complete with a newer commercial district, in addition to new high rise buildings

and urban beaches. Sao Luiz has a distinctive culture of its own; the festivals, reggae

parties, typical cuisine, and popular traditions are some of the things that make Sao Luiz

stand out amongst other Brazilian cities.

What to do in Sao Luiz

When you travel to Sao Luiz, there is no shortage of activities for you to participate

in. There are also many sites that you can visit, each giving you something different to

enjoy. There are a variety of beaches that many tourists recommend going to while you

are on vacation in Sao Luiz. The beaches are crowded with friendly tourists and locals

who are relaxing, swimming, surfing, sunbathing, or visiting one of the many bars and

restaurants that are located on the shores of the beaches. The most popular beach in Sao

Luiz is Ponta d’Areia. Other beaches in this Brazilian city include Sao Marcos beach, and

Calhau beach.

If you want to engage in the arts when you travel to Sao Luiz, there are a variety of arts

and entertainment within the area. The cinema in Old Town plays a variety of films,

including those from Hollywood. You can also stop by Bumba-meu-boi to see the

beautiful folklore manifestation. This show keeps the culture of Sao Luiz alive.

Hotel Accommodations

While on vacation in Sao Luiz, there are many hotels that you could stay in. Each hotel

provides you and your traveling companions with something different. The prices for

the hotels in Sao Luiz will vary, depending on the type of hotel you are staying in, the

location of that hotel, and the amenities that are available. If you want to stay in an

affordable hotel while on your trip, the Solar das Pedras, Hotel Lord, Casa Franky, and

Pousada Beira Mar are some of the least expensive hotels. The mid-range priced hotels in

Sao Luiz include the Solar dos Nobres and the Praia Mar Hotel.

Weather in Sao Luiz

Planning a trip will require you to research as much about your vacation destination as

possible, such as the weather. It is important to know the weather conditions before you

travel to any country, state, and city. Therefore, you will need to know what the weather

is in Sao Luiz before you or the family goes on a full-filled adventure to this beautiful


The temperatures in Sao Luiz are always high, on average. The months that experience

the most rainfall in the Brazilian city are January, February, March, April, May, June,

and July. The wettest month in Sao Luiz is April. If you want to travel during the driest

months in this city, you will need to plan your trip during the months of September,

October, and November. The driest month in Sao Luiz is October. The coolest month in

this city is April, and the warmest month is September.

Traveling in Sao Luiz

Before you purchase any airplane tickets, or schedule any flights to Sao Luiz, you will

need to buy a Brazil Airpass. This will allow you to get the most affordable rates on

tickets for multiple flights throughout Brazil. The airpass will lock in the rates that you

have been given, preventing them from increasing as the time to travel approaches. You

must purchase the Brazil Airpass outside of Brazil; once you are in the city, you cannot

purchase this airpass. To learn more about the Brazil Airpass, ask your travel agent for


Start Planning your Next Vacation Now

When you begin planning your vacation to Sao Luiz, you could be one step closer to

this beautiful Brazilian city. Sao Luiz has so many great things to offer tourists, from the

amazing tours, rich culture, and exceptional sites. Be sure to plan ahead so that you can

have all of the details pertaining to your trip in order.

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