Ilheus, Bahia


If you are planning a vacation to Brazil, Ilheus should be at the top of your must-travel

list. There are a variety of things to do, sights to see, and places to stay when you are

in this town known for its tourism. In addition to the lovely ambience, and great tourist

attractions, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Get a first-hand account of the

rich culture when you travel to Ilheus. Be sure to purchase a Brazil Airpass to lock in the

rates, and receive flights that are flexible.

History of Ilheus

Ilheus was originally founded in 1534. This town has since expanded, and is known

for its cultural heritage and tourism. The biggest export for this Brazilian town is the

cocoa bean. In fact, the town is famous for its prosperous cocoa port. The city depends

on tourism for its income. The downtown area of Ilheus is located approximately one

kilometer away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Fun Fact: The famous Brazilian author, Jorge Amado, used this town as the setting for

one of his well-known novels.

What to do in Ilheus

While on vacation in Ilheus, there is no shortage of things to do. You could visit a

museum, going shopping, view the many landmarks, or visit one of the beaches in town.

If you want to go to the beach, there are many for you to choose from. Each beach

provides you with something different to do, making it a unique experience. If you decide

to go to Do Cristo Beach, you could go jet-skiing, sailing, kayaking, and more. This

beach is known for its water sports. Da Avenida has many activity courts where you can

participate in a variety of sports activities, such as biking. Do Norte beach gives tourists

the options of swimming, fishing, surfing, and more.

Some of the popular museums that you could visit while in Ilheus include the Sacred

Art Museum, which carries sacred documents, and valuable items from the sixteenth,

seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. Tour the home of the famous author Jorge Amado

when you visit the Museu Casa de Cultura Jorge Amado.

Enjoy the dining in Ilheus, which consists of pizzerias, coffee cafes, and restaurants that

serve food that coincides with the culture of the town. Some of these restaurants give

patrons a great view of the sea.

Hotel Accommodations

Many of the hotels available in Ilheus are within walking distance to downtown; those

hotels and resorts are also convenient if you choose to travel through the town by car.

You can rent out a room at a bed and breakfast or apartment, in addition to the traditional

hotels and resorts that are available. Some of the popular hotels in Ilheus include the

Barravento Praia Hotel, Eco Village Indaia, Eden Village, and more. These hotels are

conveniently located minutes away from the historic centre. Most of the hotels mentioned

come with spa service, a restaurant inside of the hotel, and great customer service; some

of the hotels even have wineries.

Weather in Ilheus

Ilheus is a beautiful city and Brazil, and the temperatures are always high. When you plan

to take a vacation in this city, be sure to check out the weather conditions. If you want to

travel to Ilheus during the driest month, plan your trip in August. The wettest month in

Ilheus is March. This Brazilian city experiences rainfall year round, regardless of which

time you choose to travel. Although there is a high chance of rain, there are times during

the year that it will not rain. Pack for rain, just in case! The warmest month in Ilheus is

March, and the coolest month is July.

Traveling in Ilheus

Buying a Brazil Airpass has many advantages, which is why it should be high on your

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Get Ready to Plan Your Trip Today

If you are ready to take the vacation of your dreams, choose Ilheus, a town known for

its tourism. You will always have something to do, regardless of where you stay, or how

long you stay on this trip. Plan ahead to make sure you receive the best vacation packages

possible, and to plan out your daily schedules when you tour the city.

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