Buzios, Rio de Janeiro


Plan your trip to Buzios and experience the many upscale seaside resorts, along with a host of fine restaurants, in addition to posh pousadas. The streets that line this Brazilian city are picturesque, as are the many beaches that you could visit while on vacation. The area is littered with boutiques and museums that make it great for tourists. There is always something to do when you travel to this Brazilian city.

History of Buzios

Buzios is a town that was once occupied by Indians, until Europeans settled into the villages. Gold trading and whale hunting brought about interests in Buzios. The lights in this city were once fueled by whale oil. In 1850, Buzios was able to establish itself as a city that was habited by fishing and agricultural habits, instead of slavery and smuggling.

Fun Fact: Brigitte Bardot and her boyfriend stopped in the town to get away from the paparazzi, but the famous actress fell in love with the city, and after she declared her love for Buzios, many other famous celebrities began visiting this Brazilian city.

What to do in Buzios

When traveling to Buzios, there are many landmarks to see, museums to visit, beaches to enjoy, restaurants to dine in, and a rich cultural experience to take advantage of. When you want to eat or shop, you should take a trip to Rua das Pedras; this area has restaurants and shopping centers lined up and down the street. You can relax, grab a bite to eat, and spend time enjoying the scenery.

There are 17 beaches that you can relax on, enjoy the water, or participate in various activities that take place at the beach, and on the water, including surfing, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, and more. If you want to get a glance of some piracy, the Ossos Beach gives you that opportunity; however, the beach if safe to visit.

While on vacation in Buzios, be sure to take in the beautiful sights, as well as the amazing monuments. One of the popular monuments in this Brazilian city is the Brigitte Bardot Statue. The village became famous due to the popular actress, which is why a statue was created in her honor.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, Buzios has plenty of clubs, restaurants, and bars that stay open late into the night. Some of the bars in this city face the ocean, allowing you to get a great view while partying the night away.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Buzios is not hard to do; there are many hotels and rental properties that you could stay in while you are on vacation in this city. Some of the hotels are located near the beaches, and a majority of the venues offer you a great view of the city. Abracadabra Pousada, Tropico de Capricornio, Hotel Pousada, Costa do Sol, and Casagrande Hotel Boutique are just some of the fabulous venues that you can lodge at while on your trip to Buzios. You will experience a relaxing atmosphere, with amenities that you will love, and customer service that is great.


Weather in Buzios

Many travelers have a preference when traveling on vacation; some people enjoy hot and dry seasons, while others prefer to travel during the wet and cooler seasons. Some travelers will want to avoid Carnival; therefore, they travel between March and June, as well as September to November. The ocean breeze is common all year round in Buzios. This city has a tropical climate throughout the year. The dry periods in this city are between July and August. January is the warmest month in Buzios, while July is the coolest, and December is the wettest.

Traveling in Buzios

When traveling to Buzios, you should purchase a Brazil Airpass. Having an airpass allows you to travel around different cities in Brazil at a fixed rate for your tickets. Reaching your destination may require you to travel between multiple cities, which is one of the many reasons why having an airpass can help you save money on flights and tickets. You must purchase the Brazil Airpass while you are outside of Brazil.

Start Planning your Trip Now

When you plan a trip to Brazil, make sure you visit Buzios; a city that was elected as the 10th most beautiful city in the world. This vacation destination has plenty to offer you, regardless if you are traveling alone, on a romantic getaway, or with the family. Purchase a Brazil Airpass before you travel to ensure you get the best deals as you travel to your destination. Buzios has great tourism that everyone can enjoy!


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