Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais


The time has come for you to plan that next family vacation, or romantic get-away, and

you are not sure what destination you should choose. If you are looking for a vacation

spot that is located in the tropical zone, Belo Horizonte should be at the top of your list.

This is the fifth most populous city within Brazil, which is surrounded by neoclassic

architecture. You can find a beautiful view from just about any location while you are on

a trip to this Brazilian city.

Plan your vacation and be prepared to witness a variety of charms when you travel to

Belo Horizonte.

History of Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte was founded by a Portuguese explorer. Over the years, the city has

reached for new horizons. One of the most memorable facts about Belo Horizonte is the

well-known events held in this city. Belo Horizonte is only one of six cities to host the

Confederations Cup, and one of the 12 cities to host the World Cup.

Fun Fact: Belo Horizonte is known for its exquisite fresh milk, as well as its tasty cheese.

What to do in Belo Horizonte

When you book your tickets to Belo Horizonte, you may not know what to expect – but

once you get there, you will fall in love with the location. You can take a tour around the

beautiful Brazilian city, or you could enjoy a walk around town, down the cosmopolitan

streets that are always buzzing with locals, or tourists. If you want to shop for local foods,

arts, crafts, clothing, and other items, be sure to visit the Mercado Central. This market is

definitely a top priority on the Belo Horizonte tourism list.

If you want to enjoy music and entertainment, you could purchase tickets to see a concert

at the well-known Palacio das Artes. Perhaps you want to catch up on the history, or

culture of Belo Horizonte; if this is so, be sure to stop by one of the museums, including

the brand-new Inhotim Art museum. Since this is a neo-architecture city, you will

definitely want to visit the Palacio da Liberdade, located in the historical site of Minas

Gerais government.

Hotels Accommodations

There are more than 40 hotels that you can choose to stay in while you are on vacation

in Belo Horizonte. Some of the hotels that are at the top of the tourism guide include the

Royal Garden Tower, Caesar Business Belo Horizonte, Niagara Flat Hotel, Promenade

Volpi Hotel, and more. These hotels are located in prime areas within this Brazilian city.

Some of the venues also have restaurants and bars that you can dine or socialize in on

those nights that you do not feel like leaving the hotel.

Weather in Belo Horizonte

This Brazilian city is in the tropical zone, and it is known for its high altitudes. The time

to travel will depend on what type of weather you prefer. For instance, if you prefer to

travel during the warm and humid seasons, you should visit Belo Horizonte during the

summer months; however, if you love dry and mild weather, you will definitely want

to schedule your trip in the winter months. Something you will need to remember about

Belo Horizonte is that there is a temperature contrast between the spring and summer

months, as well as the fall and winter. For example, the coolest month in Belo Horizonte

is July, while the hottest month is January.

Regardless of when you decide to travel to Belo Horizonte, you will always receive

a warm welcoming from the locals. The atmosphere of this Brazilian city is also

very welcoming, and full of charm. You can find something to do, regardless of who

accompanies you on this vacation. Be sure to search the best flights and most affordable

hotels when you plan your trip to Belo Horizonte. Purchase your Brazil Airpass before

you arrive in Belo Horizonte, ensuring you are able to travel from place-to-place at an

affordable rate.

Tourism in this destination continues to grow each year, and after just a couple of nights

in this tropical zone, you will become very fond of the vacation destination!

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