The City of Tibau do Sul

A rare paradise in Brazil Tibau do Sul is less known region of Brazil which is situated in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the Northeast region of Brazil.The place is less popular among Brazilians and unknown to the travelers outside Brazil, but this make this the pristine and untouched destination of Brazil, which is well suited for those who love to spend some quality time with their friends and family.

Tibau do Sul become known in the year 1970s, when the unknown surfers discovered the location. They found that the beaches are covered by cliffs and ravines and what draw their attention is the shiny white sand, coconut trees, and calm waves.

The site became internationally known because of the Praia da Pipa, a charming fisherman’s village, situated 8 km away from the city. There are many natural pools created due to the low tides, which are perfect for bathing. Now the region has developed a lot and you can find many great hotels, bars, restaurants, and stalls available which are open for tourists around the globe. Some of the major activities one can do at this place is bathing in the sea hiking in the Atlantic forest, boat ride, buggy tours, kayak and horseback riding.

You can also make trekking on the largest local Atlantic Forest reserve, known as the Ecological Sanctuary, from their you can take the breathtaking views of Chapadao. Make sure to visit nearby beaches such as Praia do Amor, perfect location for surfers, and Praia do Madeiro, excellent for bathing and leisure activities, often, dolphins can be seen by visitors to these local attractions.

After the visit reserve some energy for the bar hoping at the night. You can visit multiple Bars, restaurants and eat both international and regional delicacies and tap your feet to the music. Besides the beaches, another tourist destination is Lagoa de Guarairas, which allows boating, banana-boat tours, and fishing to visitors.In Tibau do Sul, you can also enjoy its delicious cuisine made with fish and seafood, and do some local shopping for your home.

How to Reach:

  • Plane/airport:The nearest airport to Tibau do Sul is in Natal, which is located about 88 km away from the city and receives international flights from Lisbon and Argentina and many Brazilian cities.
  • Road (Bus):Leaving from Natal Bus Station, you can take a bus or a minibus with air conditioning to Tibau do Sul.
  • Taxi:You can take a taxi from the airport of Natal to Tibau do Sul. Refer to the taxi companies that operate from the airport.

Points of Attractions:

  • Praia do Amor
  • Praia do Madeiro
  • Chapadao Beach
  • Pipa Beach

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