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TAMAIRPASS1Looking for a way to get to Brazil quick, fast, and easy? Planning a trip so you can see as much of Brazil as possible? Why not book a TAM Brazil Air Pass today? You can travel anywhere inside of Brazil with the TAM Brazil Airpass! Prices start at only $532+fees for 4 flights! You can even create your itinerary to travel too Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Iguassus Falls, the Amazon, Salvador da Bahia, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Manaus, and the Pantanal.

So, how does it work? Well, for one you get to book your airline reservations online. If you’re unsure of what to do or are worried about messing up. One of our excellent travel agents can help you look for flights and make the reseravations you ned for your Brazil Airpass. All you have to do is to complete the Airpass planing form and you’ll be on your merry way to getting assitance.

Still not sure if you want to visit Brazil? Let’s take a look at some of the places your TAM Airlines Reservations lets you go too!

TAM Airlines Manaus

Manaus is one of the perfect destination stops on your Brazil adventure. It features Iguasu Falls that is registers as the largest water volume in the world. It’s also where Brazil hosted the first Indigenous Peoples World Games. The city of Manaus is striking and has vibrant in local culture. It has a lot to offer tourists with it’s history to learn, hotel accommodations, and the best deals. Hotels sell out quickly in Manaus so you want to reserve ahead of time to make sure you have your vacancy. When you purchase a TAM Brazil Airpass you can lock your rates in place for your flights and tickets to this beautiful city.

Manaus was founded in the northern region of Brazil in 1689. The city was originally built as a defense for the Portuguese settlers when they were being invaded by the Spanish. Today more than 1.5 million people live in Manaus. The city also happens to be a foreign trade zone. They export wood, oil refining, and electronics. The tourism Manaus has been receiving has also been improving the city each year.

Brasilia for your TAM Airpass

Brasilia is another place you can visit with your TAM Airpass. Why? Well, Brasilia is the capital of Brazil of course! It’s one of the most fun places to visit when you take a vacation to Brazil. Many travelers like visiting the capital due to the rich culture, food, and spectacular sights you get to see. Regardless of what has brought you to Brasilia. You will always find something to do when in the capital. Be sure to book your hotel accommodations and plane tickets ahead of time.

Rio de Janerio was originally the center of Brazil’s government center until very recently in 1960. It ended up being replaced by Brasilia. Brasilia had originally been constructed as a place where the government staff and authorities could live. While the constructions period was going on Brazilians all over the country began to migrate to the area. The migrants, who were called candangos back then, were originally supposed to leave the city once Brasilia was finished being built. This didn’t happen since the majority of the migrants didn’t even have the money or resources to leave the city. Other people preferred to say so they could have a chance at a better life. Small villages started to be built in order to house the migrants would would not leave Brasilia. As more and more migrants came to the city due to the opportunities in the city. The villages continued to grow and today have become known as the Cidades Satelites (Satellite citie) of Brasilia.

One fun fact about Brasilia is that even though it is the capital city of Brazil. The location itself is not a city at all. It’s actually an administrative district related to the Federal District of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Of course, everyone thinks of Rio de Janeiro when it comes to Brazil. It’s one of those cities you just have to stop by at least once when you visit Brazil. Rio is famous for Carnival taking place. Carnival being considered one of the biggest parties in the world. It lasts for several days where people can enjoy music, dancing, and vibrant colors swirling around them. Carnival packages for the 2016 celebration are on sale now if you want to attend!

These are only a handful of places you can see and visit when you get your TAM airpass today! Not only do you get amazing dealing, but you get to experience the famous locales of Brazil too. There’s nothing to lose by being able to visit this wonderful country. Get your TAM airpass today!

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