Look Deep Into Nature And Then You Will See Campas Dos Jordao

Someone wise once said god has created every beautiful thing with much attention, and when we see campas dos jordao, we can conclude this saying is also applicable for beautiful places. Beauty is full of perfection and so as campas dos jordao, which offers each and everyone something to see or do. When you visit the place you have a lot to do. You can see the beautiful mountains, Swiss architecture, nature, on the other hand, you can also enjoy hopping into restaurants and bakery shops,you can please your taste buds with mouthwatering food. Campas dos Jordao is Brazillian swiss, coz its nature is tremendous, the place is located in mantiqueira
mountains of a Brazilian municipality, basically, it is a part state of Sao Paulo. Brazil is situated in Latin America but when you visit Campas dos jordao you can feel the European vibes.

It is highly influenced by the European architecture majorly swiss arch. Parque Estadual de Campos do Jordao is located to the northeast.Sprawling over a third of the municipality, the park’s pine forests and mountains are home to a variety of birds and endangered animals, including pumas and ocelots.Campas dos Jordao is located in Serra da In Serra da Mantiqueira, which is 173 km far from the city of Sao Paulo and it is around 1.700 meters above sea level, it is the highest town in Brazil. You can access the place by car or bus, the main access road is Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro. Its well knows for its Swiss Style buildings which are inspired by the Swiss style, presenting constructions with pointed roofs with steep slopes. In the trendy capivari center, you can find excellent hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and malls. Around it, luxurious residences look like chalets and imposing palaces of Norman style.

The cold weather and the fresh mountain air are compared to those of Davos Platz, in the Swiss Alps, and of Chamonix, the famous French community. Despite the low temperatures, snow isn’t common
in this place as it is located in Latin America. However, Campos do Jordao is even more attractive than the European towns since its tropical mountain climate makes a unique combo.

Best time to visit Campas dos Jordao:

The best time to visit the place is the winter, and it is from May to August,it is the high season for the town. July is the coldest month, here when the temperature can drop to 5°C or less, the International Winter Festival takes place during this time of the year, which is also one of the most important festivals of classical music in Brazil and Latin America. huge crowd in Gregorian chant are presented at Mosteiro das Monjas Beneditinas de Sao Joao, open daily for visitors.

At the monastery, you can also enjoy the peaceful gardens and meditate.

What to do in Campas dos Jordao:

The place is full of nature so you can relax and meditate in the lap of nature,
other than this you can visit the state park to see the beauty of the place, you can also, do hiking or visit Garalhada waterfall, you have option to going on the adventure park at Parque dos Lagos, and meditating at the wonderful Amantikir Park.

Points of attraction in Campas dos Jordao:

  • Amantikir Park: It is a lush green garden located in Campas offering a variety of botanical flora and fauna plus labyrinths, eateries and events.
  • Pedra do bau:It is a rock formation, you can do adrenaline activities here including rock climbing, paragliding etc.
  • Museu Felicia leirner:Art museum featuring the works of a Polish-born sculptor, plus a
    performance venue & garden space.
  • Silver fall:Several man-made waterfalls & showers accessed by wooden decks with nearby stalls selling souvenirs.

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