Latam flies international in June, gives 20% off

In June, the Latam Group’s operation will increase from 5% to 9% of its pre-crisis capacity and in July it will reach 18%, according to a new route network announced today. Latam announced the return of international operations São Paulo-Frankfurt, São Paulo-London, São Paulo-Madrid, São Paulo-Miami, São Paulo-Santiago and Santiago-Miami in June. In July, the group expects to increase the number of international destinations to 13.

The airline also promises “more flexibility for the purchase and scheduling of trips, with discounts of up to 20% on the fare”, in addition to additional sanitary measures and guidance for passengers to travel during the crisis.

In the domestic market, Latam Airlines Brasil will operate 74 national routes and Latam Airlines Chile will serve 12 destinations. The subsidiary in Ecuador, according to the company, is working to resume its domestic flights also in June, while in Colombia and Peru this should occur in July, according to the authorities’ releases.

“The Group is increasing flights, destinations and frequencies, taking concrete actions that respond to the new economic reality that customers and their families will face, such as more flexible and accessible tickets, new sanitary measures and a passenger assistance service during the trip”, said Latam Airlines Group commercial vice president, Michael Rutter.


The company explained what steps it is taking to give passengers the promised flexibility in times of uncertainty.

For purchases made until July 31, 2020, customers will be able to voluntarily reschedule their tickets on the website before the flight departs. The first change will be without penalty or difference in fare (same destination, subject to seat availability, and within the validity of the ticket) and you can change the destination by paying the fare difference if any.

If the passenger is not sure of the date on which he wishes to travel, he can leave the ticket open for 12 months, provided he notifies the airline through the website, at least seven days in advance.

In the event that a flight is canceled or rescheduled, the passenger can reschedule the ticket without penalty or fare difference (subject to availability of seats, to the same destination, and within the validity of the ticket). If the customer wants to change the destination, the fare difference will be applied, if any.

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