Company creates tool for air taxi rental

The fleet of aircraft for air taxi plays an essential role in a country with continental dimensions and with few regular flights outside major centers, such as Brazil. Many companies and public agencies need this type of transport to take their managers to more distant places in an agile and safe way.

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In this scenario, the Framework developed earlier this year, a tool that makes contact between customers and operators easier and more agile. Fly Adam is a platform where the customer can rent a plane anywhere in Brazil and abroad from the computer itself, without having to quote from different companies.

The website works similarly to that of a common airline or other travel platforms: the customer informs the origin, destination, schedules, number of passengers, and dates of departure and return. The tool will then present the appropriate rental options, as well as the types of aircraft available, the passenger capacity, and the price of the service.

“Through the conventional process, the passenger has to call the companies looking for which one is on that flight and if the available aircraft meets the needs. The air taxi company takes a long time to make a return, as it needs to do all the cost calculation of the trip, including crew and fuel consumption, to then return the contact with the price. If the conditions do not suit, a new contact is made with another company, and the cycle begins again. In other words, a lot of time is lost in the budget phase. The Framework tool, however, makes this quote in seconds and with many companies at once,” says the organization’s COO, André Dib.

After hiring, the platform team informs the chosen company about the customer’s order and monitors all flight planning until the return with confirmation of the rental. If there is a problem with the flight confirmation, the Fly Adam team intermediates with another partner. “A process that took up to five days can be done in about 70 minutes, from entering the platform to sending all information according to the flight plan”, highlights the executive.


The crisis moment caused by COVID-19 was seen as an opportunity for Framework since there are sectors that cannot stop activities and need air transport. This is the case of health, which requires even more agile transport to save lives.

“Through the platform, it is already possible to hire aerial ICUs. This is essential for transporting critically ill patients who are in places with little structure. We are talking about cases where air transport can make a difference between someone’s life and death. In this case, making the hiring process less bureaucratic is essential,” he informs.

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