Brazilian Government Announces measures to Help Travel Industry

The Brazilian government released a report outlining the measures being implemented to help the Brazilian Travel Industry, which includes lower interest, longer repayment terms for businesses, re-scheduling of travel plans, refunds, labor relations, restriction of foreign visitors, and repatriation of Brazilians.

Financial Assistance
The Tourism Ministry announced easier access to lines of credit to small and medium businesses,  lower interest rates, and longer payment terms and help to businesses in difficulty.

Re-scheduling and refunds

Customers can re-schedule travel without any cost for the next 60 days. They also recommend that Airlines and tour operators be flexible and negotiate with clients, in order to avoid further losses.

In the specific case of airline tickets, passengers that decide to cancel their travel, will not be charged any penalty. If they accept to keep the credit for future travel,  that will have to be within the next 12 months from the original travel date.

The passenger that chooses the refund, will have to follow the original ticket rules, and might be subject to penalties according to the fare rules. Even in fully non-refundable fares, the taxes must re refunded within 12 months.

Foreigners restrictions and repatriation

Starting Monday March 23, foreigners entering Brazil will be limited to a maximum of 30 days stay. The decision is valid for citizens of China, Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, European Union countries.


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