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The time to plan your next vacation is now, and the destination should be a city in

Brazil. One of the most beautiful areas in Brazil is Teresina, and it should be high on

your must-take vacation list. When you go to this city, you will experience all of the rich

culture that the city has to offer. You can visit all of the sites, learn as much about the

history as possible, dine on the delicious cuisine, and participate in a variety of fun-filled

adventures. Be sure to plan ahead in order to receive the best deals on hotels and flights.

History of Teresina

Teresina was founded in August of 1952. It was at this time that Teresina replaced Oeiras

as the capital city of Piaui, Brazil. Teresina was originally known as Nova Vila do Poti;

however, the name was changed to Teresina in honor of the emperor of Brazil’s wife

– Empress Teresa Cristina. Teresina is the 19th

IPEA, Teresina is the third safest area in Brazil. This is the first planned city in this

country. International manufacturing industries and trades are the basis of the economy in

Teresina. This city is the hottest area in Brazil.

Fun Fact: The motto of Teresina is the Latin phrase “Omnia in Charitatis.” This means

“all for charity” in English.

What to do in Teresina

There are a variety of things to do in Teresina, as well as many interesting sights to see.

There is something for the water lover, as well as the individual who loves to brush up

on their history. If you want to learn more about the historical figures and landmarks in

this city, be sure to visit the Museu Historico do Piaui, or the Palacio de Karnak. If you

want to visit a botanical park, the Parque Zoobotanico do Piaui is just the park for you.

This venue is great for the family because it has a zoo part, full of the loca flora and a

variety of animals. Parque Potycabana is a water wonder-world park located in front of

the Teresina Shopping center.

Carnival is a very festive event that takes place every February in Teresina. There are

festivals that take place during this time, as well as shows that detail the history of the

city. If you travel during the months of June through November, there are river beach

parties that you can attend, complete with vendors, lifeguards, and great crowds. There

largest city in Brazil. According to the

are two main shopping centers in Teresina; each of these centers has a movie theatre

inside of the venue.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Teresina is not a difficult task. You can find the hotel or resort that

meets your needs, regardless if those needs pertain to the number of bedrooms available

in the venue, or the amount of the stay. If you need to find a hotel that is cheap, you can

do just that; however, if you want to stay at a more expensive resort or hotel, there are

luxury venues available as well. Some of the mid-range priced hotels in Teresina include

the Royal Palace Hotel, Ibis, Hotel Itapoa, and Hotel Sao Jose. The most popular luxury

hotel in Teresina is the Lord Hotel.

Weather in Teresina

Knowing the average temperatures and weather conditions for Teresina is essential when

planning your trip. You will not know what type of clothing or accessories to pack if you

are not up-to-date on the current weather conditions in this area. You will also need to

know what type of supplies to take with you, such as sunscreen.

The climate in Teresina is tropical; this city has a dry and wet season. The wet season in

this Brazilian city takes place during the months of January to May; this is considered

summer and autumn. Although it is rainy, the weather during these months is warm.

When you travel during the months of June, July, and August, the climate is dry;

however, these are the coolest months. Dry season in Teresina is considered winter and


Traveling in Teresina

Scheduling flights and booking airplane tickets to Teresina is not always the easiest

task; however, when you purchase a Brazil Airpass, it can be a little easier. This airpass

allows you to receive the best rates on tickets; the Brazil Airpass will lock those rates in.

This can help prevent the price on your tickets from increasing as it gets closer to your

departure date. This airpass can be used for multiple flights. You are not permitted to

purchase the airpass once you arrive in Brazil, so make sure you obtain it before your

arrival to, and departure from, Teresina. To learn more about the Brazil Airpass, ask the

travel agent who is assisting you with your travel accommodations.

Plan Your Trip to Brazil

Start planning your trip to Teresina and discover all that this amazing city has to offer.

The tourism in this Brazilian city is good, and it continues to improve each year. There

are many attractions in Teresina, and the locals are very friendly.

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