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The time to take a vacation is now, and the destination should be Brazil. When you

choose a city in this fabulous country, Rio de Janeiro should be high on your must-go

list. This city is known for its sparkling water, picturesque scenery, great tourism, and

friendly people. The neighborhoods in this city are filled with historical landmarks, and

the rich sounds of the night life. Rio de Janeiro has a reputation for being one of the most

striking cities within the world, so start planning your trip to this Brazilian city today. Be

sure that you purchase a Brazil Airpass to save yourself money on flights and tickets.

History of Rio de Janeiro

Approximately 500 French colonists occupied this area in 1555. Decades later,

Portuguese settlers came into the territory and it started to grow. This was due to the

sugarcane that was planted in the area; the rich soil discovered by the settlers helped the

economy grow. As the years went by, this Brazilian city began to engage in diamond and

gold mining, which brought more money and people to the area. Coffee plant expansions

were also implemented, and the city began flourishing. Tourism is a major industry in

Rio de Janeiro, with countless tourists coming to this vacation hot spot year-after-year.

Fun Fact: The people of Brazil call Rio de Janeiro Cidade Maravishosa, which means

Marvelous City.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

When traveling to Rio de Janeiro, there is no shortage of activities to do, or sights to

see. You can visit some of the historical sites to learn more about the history of this

remarkable city. You could also tour the magical towns and see the beautiful atmosphere

that is full of this city’s rich culture. The beaches on this island are truly amazing, and

many tourists spend most of their time on the beaches relaxing on the sand, in the waters,

or hanging out at one of the bars or restaurants that line up and down the beach shores.

Some of the most popular beaches in the downtown area of Rio de Janeiro are Leme, Sao

Conrado, Abrico, Flamengo, and Ramos.

Some of the must-see sights while on your trip to Rio de Janeiro include Marcana

Stadium, the botanical garden Jardim Botanico, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Parque Lage

park, Theatro Municipal, Museu Historico Nacional, and more. Carnaval in Rio de

Janeiro is a beautiful experience that many tourists remember for the rest of their lives.

Street parties take place in this city year-round.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Rio de Janeiro is not hard to do; in fact, you can find a hotel that fits

your budget, as well as a venue that has the amenities that you desire. Some of the most

popular hotels and vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro are Rio Copacabana Apartments and

Oasis Collections. If you want to stay in a popular area of this city that is more expensive,

Zona Sul is the best area with luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. In Brazil, this

city is one of the most expensive for hotel accommodations, which is why there is a

shortage on cheaper hotels. However, if you book well in advance, you can find some of

the best deals on hotels and resorts.

Weather in Rio de Janeiro

When you plan to take a trip to Rio de Janeiro, you need to know as much about the

weather conditions as you possibly can. This could be the difference between a great

vacation, and a horrible trip. The weather will have an impact on your vacation from

the time you fly into the island, until you leave. What you wear, what you do, and how

comfortable your flights are will all depend on the weather in Rio de Janeiro.

If you travel during the months of December and March, this is considered high season.

However, on average, the temperatures in Rio de Janeiro are always high. You can

expect the most rainfall between the months of January and April; the wettest month in

this Brazilian city is April. The driest month in Rio de Janeiro is December. The coolest

month in this city is August, while the warmest month is February.

Traveling in Rio de Janeiro

The planning stage of your vacation will also include scheduling flights and booking

tickets for your trip. The prices to fly between the various cities in route to Rio de Janeiro

can be expensive, especially if you do not book your flights well in advance. However,

when you purchase a Brazil Airpass, you could save money on tickets by locking in the

rates. You will also have more flexibility with your flights when you purchase a Brazil

Airpass. This airpass must be purchased outside of Brazil. Ask your travel agent for more

information pertaining to the Brazil Airpass.

Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Travel to Rio de Janeiro to experience all that this wonderful city has to offer. You can

enjoy the food, party in the streets, see the beautiful sites, and visit some of the historical

neighborhoods. Regardless of what time of the year you travel to Rio de Janeiro during,

you will always find attractions and adventurous activities to enjoy.

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