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The time to plan your next vacation is now, and all you need to do is choose a great

location. If Brazil is on your radar, plan a trip to Salvador. This town is known as the

birthplace of Brazilian culture. There is always something to do when you travel to this

city, which is known for its great tourism. The area has a charming atmosphere, and

an active nightlife. Carnaval is one of the most popular celebrations held each year in

Salvador. Be sure to purchase a Brazil Airpass to receive the best rates on tickets, and

more flexibility with your flights.

History of Salvador

Salvador was founded in 1549. The slave trade was a major part of this city, and this

still remains part of the city’s legacy in today’s society. Many of the greatest names in

music are individuals who were locals in Salvador. Some of those well-known artists are

Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Dorival Caymmi. One of the great writers from this

Brazilian city is Jorge Amado. The culture in this town is rich, and the people who live in

the area are extremely friendly, which is why the tourism in the area is great.

What to do in Salvador

When you arrive in Salvador, there will be plenty of attractions to see, and lots of

things to do, regardless if you want an outdoor or indoor adventure. You can visit the

neighborhoods that are full of historical landmarks and culture. If you want to overlook

the plaza in Salvador, be sure to visit Praca Municipal. The main market in this city

is Mercado Modelo. You can watch the beautiful sunset when you go to the Solar do

Unhao. Another popular attraction is the Elevador Lacerda. The most popular beach

in Salvador is Praia Porto da Barra. Abaete Park is a protected park in this city that is

surrounded by a lake with the same name.

While in Salvador, you can take day tours, go to the many parks, visit the many golf

courses, attend the various musical festivals, or take surf trips. Dolce, Twist, and Fashion

Club are the most popular bars and pubs in Salvador. There is always something to do,

and there are tour guides who will make sure you have the best experience as possible.

Hotel Accommodations

Finding a hotel in this city is not hard to do. You can find a variety of resorts, hotels,

apartments, and rental homes to stay in while you are on vacation in Salvador. If you

are on a budget, you can find hotels that provide you with great amenities, such as free

WIFI, breakfast, and comfortable rooms. Some of the cheaper hotels in Salvador include

Open House, Hostel Barra, Che Lagarto, and Irawo Hotel. If you want to stay in a more

expensive hotel or resort, the best venues are Aram Yami, Convento do Carmo, Villa

Bahia, Pestana Bahia, and the Fiesta Bahia Hotel.

Weather in Salvador

Knowing the weather conditions for Salvador is essential when planning a trip to this

Brazilian city. The weather could have a major impact on the vacation; it will determine

what outdoor adventures and activities you participate in, as well as what you will need

to pack. Sometimes you will need to take sunscreen, and during other seasons, you will

need to pack raincoats, hats, scarves, boots, long-sleeved shirts, pants, or shorts; this will

all depend on the weather, which is why you should know the conditions before traveling

to Salvador.

The climate in Salvador is tropical all year-round. However, the humidity and hot

temperatures are relieved by the wind that blows from the ocean. The warmest month in

Salvador is March; the average highs are in the 80s, and the lows are in the 70s during

this month. July is the coolest month in Salvador; the average temperatures are in the 70s.

Rainy season in Salvador generally occurs between the months of April to July.

Traveling in Salvador

Purchasing a Brazil Airpass is possibly one of the most important things you will

do during the planning stages of your trip to Salvador. The airpass not only saves

you money, but it could save you the headache that normally accompanies booking

international flights. With the Brazil Airpass, you can lock in the rates for tickets on

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Brazil Airpass cannot be purchased once you are in Brazil; so make sure you buy the

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Experience all that Salvador has to Offer

Schedule your vacation today, and you can travel to the beautiful destination, Salvador,

to experience all that this wonderful city has to offer. Be amazed with the sparkling

atmosphere, the rich culture, and the friendly people.

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