Reach Out Mamiraua to Explore the Unseen Beauty of Amazon

The unseen beauty of Brazil resides in the untouched and pristine jungles of Amazon’s. Few of us are familiar with all the places which comes under the Amazon’s region of Brazil. We are lucky that we have added one another in the list.

Amazon is the largest rain forest in the world and being the largest it is the also the largest shelter to most of the animal species. One-fifth of all fish and bird species stay here. If you are anyhow an animal lover then this region would be a unforgettable experience for you. Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, close to the city of Tefe, is the perfect place to not only admire the forest but to learn about nature and sustainability.

The Mamiraua Reserve has the largest wetland area of any forest in the world, and the landscape dramatically changes throughout the year. When the rivers are high, as a result of snow melting in the Andes mountains most of the trees get sub mereged in water. Mamiraua is a true trier for nature lovers as it is rich in flora and fauna. The place is less known among the tourist and familiar between the local tribes and communities.

Few accommodation are available in Mamiraua in which Uakari Lodge, is the one a gorgeous site of floating bungalows managed by the Mamiraua Institute research body and run jointly with the local river communities.

Day 1: Observe the rare wildlife

If you looking to observe the wildlife then the first place to look forward is the Mamiraua. Visitors have the chance to tour the forest and spot wildlife, for this you can contact local tour guide or the biologists who can get you to the spots, where you can observe the wildlife There are plenty of chances that you can observe Amazon Jaguar there.

There is also a network of 13 treks around the reserve, which are 3 kilometers long, on average. These treks can easily be done in around three hours by groups of up to 6 people, and have been set up in strategic regions to facilitate the observation of wildlife.

Day 2: Get in touch with the local tribes

In the second day of the tour ask you guide to take you to the local tribes, which stay near the rivers. Once you reach the tribal villages you can talk to the localities and know more about the largest jungle along with this you enjoy the tribal activities.

This is the huge chance to explore the Earlier cultural heritage and natural biodiversity.Visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with the riverside communities, as well as with local indigenous people, being invited into their villages and learning about their ways of life.

Day 3: Get ready for Canoe tours

If you are visiting the place in non rainy season When the river is low, it’s a great time to see aquatic animals, such as the river dolphins, caimans, and the pirarucu fish.” The pirarucu is one of the most emblematic fish of the entire Amazon region.

The pirarucu fish once came under the rare species of fishes and when the community is built up it got multiplies and now you can see the species everywhere in amazon.The pirarucu is an air-breathing fish, so visitors to the Mamiraua reserve will often see the pirarucu jumping out of the water to take the breath.

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