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The time to take a vacation is now, and the Brazilian city that should be at the top of your

list is Morro de Sao Paulo. The tourism in this city is great, and it attracts many tourists

each year. When you travel to this town, you will have the ability to stay in the new

hotels and dine in the upscale restaurants; you also have the option to stay in, and tour,

the older pousadas and taverns. You will need to purchase a Brazil Airpass to make sure

you receive the best price on tickets and flights into Morro de Sao Paulo.

History of Morro de São Paulo

The town of Morro de Sao Paulo was founded in 1535 by Martin Afonso of Sousa. This

village was a part of the island Tynharea. It was during this period that the town began to

populate. During the early years, the natives would fish in this town as a form of survival.

After many years, there were backpackers and hippies who came to the town that had

rainforest and beaches that were yet to be explored. Many of those people loved the

beauty and charm of Morro de Sao Paulo; therefore, they left their old lives and settled in

this village. This island has no connection to the mainland, yet it remains one of the top

destinations because of its tourism and charm.

What to do in Morro de São Paulo

There are a variety of things to do, and sights to see while on vacation in Morro de Sao

Paulo. You, in addition to all those who are traveling to this Brazilian city, will need

to pay a tourist fee the moment that you step off of the plane. This fee allows Morro

de Sao Paulo to keep its tourism great for you, and the countless tourists who choose

this vacation hot-spot year after year. While traveling around Morro de Sao Paulo,

remember that there are no paved roads in the village. Even so, there are a variety of

hotels, restaurants, and many other attractions that tourist can take advantage of while on


The famous lighthouse in this town is one of the most popular landmarks to see. It was

first spotted in 1630, and it is located beside the main entrance of the island. There are

many trinkets and touristy items that you can purchase when you go shopping at the

many shops and boutiques in Morro de Sao Paulo. Ipanema and Havaiana flip-flops are

the most popular items in this Brazilian area. The beaches in this town are named, First,

Second, Third, and Fourth Beach. You can find restaurants and shops near the beaches,

and some are located on the beach as well.

Hotel Accommodations

While you are looking for hotels to stay in while on vacation in Morro de Sao Paulo,

there are many to choose from. You can stay at a nice bed and breakfast, or you could

stay at a luxury hotel when you travel to this town. There are also homes to rent and

hotels available for an affordable rate.

Some of the popular hotels and bed and breakfast venues in Morro de Sao Paulo

include the B&B Villia- Bahia; this bed and breakfast has nice rooms, solar water, air

conditioning, and a stunning view. You could also stay in a private or shared room at Che

Lagarto Morro de Sao Paulo. If you want to stay in a hotel full of history and culture, you

should book your stay at Pousada O Casaroa; it is one of the oldest homes on the island

that has been turned into a hotel; this venue has nice rooms and great views.

Other hotels that you could stay in when you travel to Morro de Sao Paulo include

Aradhia Pousada, Perola de Morro, Pousada Barravento, Pousada Moreno, and more.

Weather in Morro de São Paulo

Before you start planning out the activities that you will participate in while you are on

your trip to Morro de Sao Paulo, and before you begin packing your suitcase, be sure

you are up-to-date on the weather conditions in this Brazilian city. If you travel to Morro

de Sao Paulo during the months of May and June, you can expect rain; these months

have the highest chances of rainfall. The coolest months to travel to this Brazilian city

during are June, August, and September. The sun will shine brightly during the day, but

temperatures will go down at night. The warmest months to travel during are December,

January, and February; expect hot weather during these months.

Traveling in Morro de São Paulo

When you travel to Morro de Sao Paulo, you want to make sure you get the best deals on

tickets. You do not want to schedule flights that are too expensive, or flights that do not

come with a fixed rate. The Brazil Airpass can lock in the rate of the flights, and it gives

you more flexibility when you take your trip. The Brazil Airpass cannot be purchased

in Brazil; therefore, you will need to look into securing your airpass before you go on

vacation. Check with a travel agent, or an airline representative, to learn more about the

Brazil Airpass. You do not want to encounter any surprises pertaining to your flights

when you travel to Morro de Sao Paulo.

Take a Trip to Morro de Sao Paulo Today

Start planning your trip to Morro de Sao Paulo today. You will have the opportunity

to see all of the beauty and charm that this island has to offer when you travel to this

vacation hotspot. Be sure to plan ahead so that you can see the best attractions, stay at the

best hotels, and receive the best deals with your Brazil Airpass.

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