River Cruises in the Brazilian Amazon

Iberostar Grand Amazon

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Experience these amazing nature destinations aboard local reginal boats or the Iberostar Grand Amazon, a cruise ship with all amenities one can expect on a cruise ship.The Ibero Star grand Amazon Cruise Ship offers an ultimate Amazon river experience. This is a luxury 75-cabin cruise ship, that does an excellent job getting guests off the boat and out into nature (in addition, of course, to pampering them). The boat offers two programs, a 3-night Solimões cruise or a 4-night Rio Negro cruise. Both are well worth taking. A cruise ship in the Amazon has a great feature of moving into far more diverse territory than a lodge.

Our Hints: The presence of insect life on the Solimoes River (they don’t bother you in the daytime when you are out exploring, only around dusk) also attracts more birds and other animals. You will have better chances to see wild life on and around the Solimões River and it is way easier to put up with mosquitoes if you can do so from a fancy ship like the Ibero Star.

Amazon Clipper Cruises

Amazon clipper


Experiencing the wonders of the Amazon on a small-ship cruising is a great way to see and enjoy nature. The Amazon Clipper Cruises takes you along the amazing waterways in the midst of the jungle, and makes it a unique experience especially at dawn and dusk. Fishing, alligator spotting, jungle trekking, dolphin watching, canoeing, visiting the local people, seeing the sunset and the sunrise, all with the comforts of staying on board of a comfortable boat being assisted by a local experienced crew.
The Clipper Cruises is a very most comprehensive, informative and exciting tour.

Amazon Clipper Premium Cruises

amazon clipper

The Clipper Premium Fleet is quite comfortable with ample spaced rooms, two beds which can be pushed together as one large bed, spacious bathroom with stall shower and lots of space. The food is excellent served buffet style; and the boat had ample deck space for viewing the flora and fauna.

 MV Tucano

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The Motor Yacht Tucano experience is comfortable, intimate, efficient and fun. The vessel is not a luxury vessel, but then, this is not at all the best way to experience the Amazon rainforest environment. The best way to experience the Amazon is to get outside of the enclosed glass aquarium bubble that defines luxury cruising and dive in and embrace the environment – to experience to the fullest the exotic sights and sounds of this greatest wilderness on earth. The Motor Yacht Tucano is specifically designed to do just that.